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  1. If you have a chevy s10 98+, this replaces your intake manifold to clear a stock hood when body dropped but to 4"!! Only modification is to lengthen vacuum lines and extend throttle cable a few inches and its done. I layed rocker on 10" wide 20s with room to spare without the hood hitting. I used this for years and dont need it anymore due to a new motor. I want 100 for it plus shipping. Any more questions just ask Heres some pics:
  2. SOLD I cant figure out how to delete this, does a mod have to do it?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I am gonna just keep the charger next to my batteries and charge them every once in a while. Right now I have had them sitting for about 2-3 weeks and there at 13.3 each just sitting there. I think every once in a while its good to charge them more, let them float for a day or 2 then turn off the intelicharger. seems to be working good so far I was just wondering about that very small difference in voltage. Do we have a kinetik rep somewhere to chime in? I think you guys have pretty much said it all but im curious what they would say. The guy I did talk to was very knowledgeable about how batteries work etc, but not a damn thing about the intelicharger.. he showed me like 3 chargers that they used all above 100$, but all i wanted is to kno if mine was getting the job done. didnt really get that from him.ugh kinetik rep come in this thread please!!
  4. My 3800s only float at like 13.2-4v and I used 2 different multimeters just to double check. I dont know what the fuck is up. It will float a wet cell at 13.6v and a yellow top around 13.4-5v. The kinetiks I can charge and float for a week then there voltage just sits, so theres nothing wrong with the battery. Also like I said I had 4 2400s on this thing and I dont recall ever having a problem, and thats more battery in bulk together then my 3800s. I dont know im puzzled. I dont want to just ship it to powermaster, pay shipping and have them say theres nothing wrong with it, or its a million dollars to fix it. I dont know!!!!! There sitting in my dedicated battery area and resting at 13.2 or so which is a decent resting voltage but it would be better for the battery around 13.6. Im just very puzzled with float on the charger Nah cause he told me of several other expensive chargers not any way affiliated with Kinetik. He didnt kno the specs of the intelicharger cause hes never used one.
  5. I totally missed my notification that somebody posted on this thread, my bad bro. Anyways I thought that at first then he told me some different chargers to use that would be better. I bought my intelicharger because I thought it was a great product, and I did charge and float 4 kinetik 2400s a few years ago and then its lived connected to my 2 3800s. He said once there charged you can let them sit for months, he said float mode can be bad cause if the voltage drops even a cunt hair it will kick back charging again. He said doing this over and over can limit the life of the battery. Now I just charged them up and there sitting at 13.2, so I guess its ok. He wanted higher but if I have been using this on my batteries for years with no great problems I must be doing something right, right?
  6. I have 2 Kinetik 3800s and 2 Kinetik 1800s. The 3800s are for the S-20, and I have had for almost 2 years and they have a dedicated shelf with wiring to the charger next to it. The 1800s are in my daily, and I pulled them out to do work under the truck. I spoke with Kinetik today with a few questions regarding charging and floating. I have heard of a trillion SMD members using the intellicharger, but he didnt sound to fond of it. He told me to properly store and float the batteries they needed to be between 13.5 - 13.7, then after having a few hours to sit they should be resting between 12.9 - 13.1. He sounded like even having them stored for long periods of times those 1/10ths were important. Mine rest right around 12.9 - 13.0, but when my intellicharger goes into float it reaches 13.2 and no higher. He sounded very firm on even .1 or .2 differences, and it just got me wondering. Also he told me even charging my 2 3800s to keep them on a 2amp all the time while being maintained for long periods of time. I have read other users saying for large batteries to up the amperage and he said doing so overtime can shorten the batteries lifespan... I bought my intellicharger because I heard from lots of people that its a bad ass charger. I am posting to make 100% sure that I am doing a good job maintaining my batteries until its time for them to shine. This should develop more knowledge for other members too running these bats and chargers.
  7. lol slut step. Dumbass video but it was funny. Id dick down several of those girls, but I def not the crackhead lookin ones, I saw them too lol
  8. Yeah I gave up on the modding the air style one, and ended up just clamping the wire up the wall vertically, then mounting hooks on the ceiling to the center of the garage. The power is in a central location and I get to the entire garage from it, but if I need to get the welder out in the driveway I just unhook from the ceiling and go. Heres some pics: Steve, never heard back from ya! Lets meet up in the near future, its been quite a while
  9. Ah ha! That's why. I'm gonna need to check out how the company's do it and see if I can fabricate a copy cat, or find a way to just get the part. I can get the reel itself for free, and have 50' of wire I already use and I don't wanna go out and spend a grip on the whole thing. this would just be more convenient to grab and pull power and walk around anywhere I want. Then the clean up is as easy as a slight pull and release and it puts itself away, and on to the next step! Steve, you know how I roll I'm always fabricating Hey when do I get another demo? It's been a few years and you can hear/see my daily too!
  10. Its random, I know. I have a retractable reel for my air hose to my compressor, but I was wondering if I could take one apart (my neighbor has an extra one I can have) and run my 220v wire for my welder through it... I know they make reels for power wire, but im wondering if there the exact same thing as the air ones... What do you guys think?
  11. Bringing this thread back from the dead.... does anybody have info on this?
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