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  1. thanks TEK and yeah the how to was the first place i looked wasnt there
  2. there was a how to make halo lights somewhere on this site... anyone know were it is?>
  3. soo i blew my upper rad hose got it fixed now i lost all coolant fast as fuck like super fast. its all over the bottom of the car on the passenger side control arm. i think i found the leak but not sure. its so hard to get at incredibley hard. i have auto and been trying to fix it but i still cant determine erxactly what part of the cool cant system it is. heres a diagram and heres the hose that i think is the issue. the hose literaly crumbles in your hand when you grab it hose number one.
  4. not much more to say about it other than its ming and comes with skullcandy headphones 140obo or tradess oh the headphones are babyblue.
  5. aha daddioos got that covered he travels alot with business so hes got like 30 free days
  6. buffalo and we got all that good shit. all the papers we need passports and wat not im just not tryin to go to the boarder and them be like we wont allow you guys to pass you know would be some bo shyit
  7. thats what i thought but even if its just us two both 16 and no one older?
  8. my girlfriend and i were thinking of doin a road trip to FL this spring break.. it may just be cancelled due to the boarder rules anyone know if we can get over with out some one thats 18. i tried searching but i cant find anything
  9. i want some decent component speakers that sound good like the pg rsd's anyone have a pair of those or something alike?
  10. all fixed! thanks the lord that it was just a hose... the upper rad hose burst in the light you can clearly see the gouge looks like someone stabbed it
  11. i dont think i over heated it at all.. i never got a messege saying over heated or w.e... i guess i was just loosing coolant fast. it also drove normal and didnt go over 117..
  12. well thats stupid ahah but the fuck if im goin to be working on anything outside in this iceyness.... too cold for me! and just to narrow it down somemore the smoke stopped as soon as i turned the car off
  13. phewph as soon as i saw liquid i thought i was goin to be shelling out a fairly large coiN!
  14. its night right now cant do much... but lets say its either of the 2 thermostat or just a hose how much do u think the repair would be?
  15. yessir it smelt horrible! and might i add the car runs fine..
  16. so i was driving along ht the gas a little harder cause i was inbetween 2 trucks and i didnt like it next thing i know it says check coolant temp rises smokeing but not much hotter then normal... usuall around 98-101c but now was around 111-117(highest it went) i got home poped the hood clear liquid everywere... i dont know much about engines but im guessin somethign to do with coolant ballast or radiator?
  17. merrrry mawfuckin christmas yaallll! so far i have recieved an ap2400d with a 15 re se-X on its way excited for more!!! (ps.build log comin soon!)
  18. this shit had me rollin. ahaha cold weather but no snow? pointless... FUCK THAT!(canadian love the snow)
  19. i would not mind some snow right now at all i have not seen that white stuff in 2 years i need some! up here in CANADA still no snow
  20. goottta love the crackberrys they are the best. but i will admit posting/texting/ anything to do with a phone (other then a call) iss difficult while driving
  21. eugene levy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Levy pretty sweet
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