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  1. and i could probably do about 23H for my car
  2. i could fit 3 ported. 4 probably sealed. id probably just do 3. but i have the 2 in there now with it ported and have room for another.
  3. well i'm sure i could fit 3 12"s in my trunk no problem. hell, i could fit 4 probably and there be good space. but my thing was the 15"s. if i can't fit the 15"s nicely, then i won't. that was my concern. so i guess imma just stick with 12"s and see what i can do with them. thanks for the help.
  4. well i do wanna get a little better. so maybe 3 12"s? or 4 if possible.
  5. so ive decided that i wanna do my own system and take the one in my car out. it has 2 12" xplods in a memphis box. sounds alright. but i want better than xplod. SO! if you didn't know, i have a 95' ford escort lx (linky - http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/80935-what-ive-been-up-to/ ). well i wanna try for 2 15"s. i was thinking cheap, but good. so ive come up with 2 15" audiopipe TS-IP15W's. now, my problem is trying to figure out if it'll fit. :/ trunk is 34W 28.6L 20H. so could i make it fit? somehow? or should i just try to stick with 12"s and maybe do 3 or 4 12"s? either way, im gonna do a new system. i would just like to have the 15's. the 12's are almost the same price. so ideas? any help is great. thanks!
  6. im just starting with friends parties and stuff. i have small stuff. 2 yorkville E10's and an older amp/mixer in 1. idr the name right now. i mean, i paid for wiring and the amp/mixer but speakers were free lol. FO SHO! for being 2 mixed xplods and an xplod amp, this system hits HARRRDDD! of course, it could be the purple. lol
  7. well the system is no competition stuff but it gets me by for now. once i get a job, it'll all be redone. my stepdad said it was a junk car, but the only problem with it is 2 small rust spots on the body. the parts in fine. the guy is a friend of mine and he told me if i ever needed help repairing it, let him know. but yea, i'm excited because today is the day. i'll get pics and vids of the system later on. nothing special but a first for me. glad SOMEBODY besides me likes the car. lol. it is purple though....
  8. well, so far this summer has been crazy. since school got out, i've been hanging with friends and partying like crazy. but let me update you on a few things(if any of you care). so far.... 1. ive hung out with friends and had parties. 2. ive started DJing. i have equiment and i'm gonna start doing parties. 3. im playing violin for a TSO tribute concert in december. 4. IM GETTING MY FIRST CAR AND SYSTEM! (pics below) so it is a 1995 ford escort LX. 128,000 on the body, 58,000 on the motor. pretty great shape. 4 cylinder 1.9 liter. quite as can be. in the back, there are 2 12" sony xplods (i know, not good. not my fault) in a memphis ported box with a 1200W xplod amp and xplod H/U. now this is a start for me. next is a job! so once that all happens, the system will be upgraded. but this is big for me. i have alot going for me so far with DJing and violin and now a car. i'm happy with it. pics will be up soon of the car. it's not mine YET! not for another....12 hrs or so. tomorrow i have to go get the title changed and get the plates. im so pumped! anyways, just thought id give an update. as for doing slowed songs, since i have been so busy, i haven't done much. so i'm turning over the thread to Honda as the sole provider of songs. lol. he's done a great job so far and he makes you guys happy. when i find the time, i'll be on to do songs. but Honda will be the sole person for songs as he has been. i'm so thankful i had him to keep it up, so i think he needs a huge amount of credit. thank you Honda.
  9. so any of you do pro audio? like DJ for weddings or parties or something? i kinda need some help. my G-ma bought me 2 pro audio speakers and a mixer. thing is....idk what i have and if its good or how to hook it up. so i have a Numark DM-1650 and 2 Yorkville Elite E160's. anyone got a clue? idk how to hook these up. she paid $60 for all of it. so if anyone could help and tell me what i might need or how to use or anything, feel free! lol. i could use the help. thanks!
  10. http://www.bassmekanik.com/?p=35 i wanna get it. i have rest of the albums already.
  11. this is what he has. idk WHAT it is.
  12. still no one? i will hopefully have a pic soon. im kinda curious
  13. idk. ill see if i can get a pic. it could be the kenwoods though. nooo clue.
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