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  1. Yeah, I'm actually probably going to build a fresh slot port. I can't seen to find the right aero port size to box size that fits well enough. I've been using Ultimate car audio app and speaker box lite. Also read triticums write up, this morning. So next is to just read read read about slot ports and plan for that box. Still up in the air about what sub but I'm looking at the XFL just because I don't think I need anything crazy like a U or HD.... Do I? Lmao Edit: This account is my user name from when I was 15. Im actually 25 and trying to build a system right unlike my childish name
  2. I'll probably cut my box down a bit for a better size 10" and redo my areo port. I started using speaker box lite app to help figure out some speakers and box tuning info. And I started reading some threads on here about box tuning also and learning sub specs to understand what I'm looking more for. I definitely didn't realize there was so much to building a good box.
  3. Looking into stuff more, I realized how wrong I was about my box for sure and choosing a sub. Maybe just an fi xv3 or ab xfl in a nice lower tuned box would be better. A 1500 rms 10" like an SSD, HD, or sundown U might be too much for a lower daily setup. New box to come definitely and I'll be doing more research and trying out winsid or speaker box lite.
  4. I guess all the research I thought I did right was wrong. Damn. I guess I need to kinda just start over from scratch.
  5. I based it off an old nightshade post I found where it said 6-9 sq in of port area per cu ft of box. This was my very first box ever.
  6. So should I just go with a 12? I have a 94 Civic and kids so very small trunk space but if that box size is already good for a 12, then I can swing that. I used to have a thread on here years ago with slowed music I edited. So I have a lot of slowed rap songs and low bass music in general (killshot has been my song recently)
  7. That's fair. The mofo said 1.75 so I was a bit on the big side.
  8. 2 cu ft gross. 14x24x14 I never heard of FU. That's a new one. Remove skar? Not a low end type?
  9. No, it's not a porn title... Long time since I've posted. About 8 years. Life hit hard and I'm just getting back on my feet and into some car audio again. So I've owned small Craigslist set ups over the past few years and I'm really wanting to finally just build and buy my own. I did a temporary cheap set up but am ready to plan a real one. I'm currently running a MOFO 10" powered by a planet audio trq3000. Probably 800 rms at most. Amp will be upgraded to a better quality amp. But that's not where I'm stuck. Where I'm stuck is finding the perfect 10". My box is currently at 2 cu ft with a 4" aero at 32 hz. My goal is to find a 10" that's better quality. I know 12s, 15s, and 18s would be better for lows but with the space I have, small is better and I like to be a little different. I'd like to stay around $200 for a 10" but may save another $100 if it's well worth it. Staying around 1k Watts rms and a sub that likes it low. I have a few brands in interested in but with being out for so long, idk what's what anymore. I'd be willing to build a new box too but can't get too big. Here's a few 10s I had picked out Skar evl-10 Seven SS1000 Massive summoxl 10 AB xfl 10 AB TNT 10 Dark audio DKI 10 PSI series 2 10" (with boosters) NEP advanced 10" Soundqubed HDS3 10 Thank you all! Feels good to be back into car audio.
  10. I found it to be my terminals. I had a bad positive terminal and it wasn't causing proper connection. New terminals, 4 ga wire, and everything hidden/installed, it works like champ now!
  11. So I recently just got a 93 Accord. I just picked up a Mofo 12" for it. DVC 4 ohm so gonna use Audiopipe 3k on it. Now, my car has a tiny Duracell battery up front.I also notice that at times, if I shift through gears, my voltage seems to be at 12.7 volts. So is my alt going bad? Is the battery too small? Also, which would be the better route, a new battery up front and a second in the back or new battery up front and HO alt?
  12. shit its been too long. its sad to see my music has no right to be listed anymore but.... i understand. i wanna thank all who followed this thread for the longest time. it was a pleasure making music for you guys. as for myself, i did get into DJing but i havent gotten to follow through on much music making. i would like to start again, its sad i cant share with everyone though. this thread lasted a good awhile though. it was a good run. so, goodbye old thread. ha. thanks again everyone for making this thread so popular when it was around. im back on the grid though
  13. I am at or above the age of 18 and do not hold SMD responsible for anything i might see here. I realize i am responsible for keeping anyone under the age of 18 from viewing anything in this section using my account name and password. Screenname: BassAddict32 First and last initial of my Real Name: T.S. Age: 18 DOB: 06/28/1993
  14. same with me. ive hauled a couple things like a shelf or 2 in the bed since ive had it, but thats it. i dont really go through mud and i dont really haul things with it. ha. if it start to rebuild it this summer as a lowered truck, im redoing the entire thing pretty much. im making a show truck out of it over the next couple yrs. atleast i have some opinions now. i still like my thoughts of lowering it. white truck, black headlights/taillights and some black 22"s bagged. i think itll have a decent look to it. ha.
  15. fox_racin4, that looks clean as hell man! damn. ha. that was kinda what my idea would be but with black 22"s
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