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  1. I have a 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. I’m wanting to add a box from https://www.netaudiowf.com/product/2007-13-toyota-tundra-double-cab-sub-box-downfire-dual-ported/ The box is 1.5 cu ft and can either be sealed or ported. Not sure if the Skar Audio VD subs would work in this box due to air space. Ideas? I’m wanting to do 2 10’s or 3 8’s sealed or ported.
  2. Unit received. Replaced OEM radio without a problem. Aux input still works as well as the steering wheels controls.
  3. guess i was too late. well, let me know otherwise and I will send you the cash through Paypal once I get the word.
  4. Still available? Got Paypal? Also, does the OEM usb cable still work?
  5. I have Sprint and had an Epic 4g Touch before using my upgrade to get the iPhone 4s. I gave the Epic Touch to my wife. Honestly, not really missing the screen size difference. This Retina display is clear. Text just seems easier to read on the iPhone. Speed wise they are about the same to me. However, I never had any problems with lag on the iPhone where as the Epic Touch it would on occasion. All in all I'll probably stick with the iPhone until they release the new phone. No doubt the next iPhone will be better, if it has a larger screen while keeping the Retina (if not better), I will be sticking with Apple. BTW, I have three phones with insurance and after taxes my bill is $168 and some change.
  6. Well I ordered a new suspension setup from Strutmasters. My air bags are acting up and I simply don't want to fix again through Lincoln. Tired of, if it acts up again bring it back. I'll post some before and after shots next week. Gotta wait for them to arrive.
  7. No rub unless the bags don't air up (sometimes because of the cool weather). Actually I still have the 22's. Someone locally is interested in them but I may keep them.
  8. I got my Navigator on 305/30/26 tires now. Had 305/45/22.
  9. Totally agree. Thanks for pointing out the differences btw. I actually was going to get the u2 55 26's but when I thought about it, they seemed sort of plain to me. While others may like that, I'm sure I would have got tired of them quick. So, that's one of reasons I chose the others.
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