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Found 14 results

  1. Voltage dropping to 12.8 at full tilt with 330 amp alt, four kinetik batts, four runs 0 guage , one optima up front. I don't understand , but it only does it when I'm just sitting at idle. When I ride and play it it's fine, .voltage drop no less than 13.3V. Wat do I need to do???? I'm confused do I need more batteries , more runs of 0 guage ????
  2. I'm buying a new sub, a SoundStream XXX 18" and will be using my Fi SP4 for a home theatre setup. The amp I want to use is a Crescendo BC5500, is it a good match for the sub? Also what kind of electrical will I need, this is what I have: 1 x 225 Amp Upgraded Alternator 1 x Optima BlueTop 800CCA Starter 1 x Optima YellowTop 750CCA Deep Cycle 1 x Power AGM 1000CCA Deep Cycle - Big 4 Upgrade
  3. So I just got a FI BL 18 and I need some advise/designs for a box. I have a 2003 explorer sport and have a decent amount of space in the back. The max I wanna go with outer dimensions is 41" x 20" x 25" (width x height x depth). I was thinking sub on top on passenger side and the port facing the back hatch on the driver side, uned to 30 hz. Let me know if you think otherwise. I'm all ears! One more thing...if anyone has designs for a box please feel free share!
  4. I've never wired mid speakers and tweeters before and I just want to know what is the correct Ohm impedance for the Tweeters and Midbass speakers? I'm going to wire 4 speakers to a 4-channel amplifier, so when I order the speakers do I get 4-ohm OR 8-ohm?
  5. So I've still got my old Fi SP4 18 sitting in it's box on my floor and I was thinking... What could 6k RMS do to it? Currently in my car I've got a Crescendo BC5500 running a SoundStram XXX 18 (10,000w RMS) and I thought about if the SP4 could actually be louder than the XXX. My gains are set clean using the DD-1 and the -10db Track but at full tilt how quickly do you think it would fry? With my electrical I could assume the amp is only giving it 5k but still this is something I wanted to try tomorrow has anyone seen an SP4 take 5k for an extended period of time?
  6. New Fi Q's are rated for 1500 RMS stock, 1700-1900 RMS with cooling where as the AA Havoc is rated for 1250 RMS. Older reviews and comparisons say the Havoc hits better down low but im afraid it won't handle the 1800-1900 RMS daily off the Crescendo BC3500D. I would like for the enclosure to be 5.0 net cubes tuned to a medium of 31 Hz either way and I prefer lower end deep and ground-pounding bass in the 28-36hz range more than anything. I want to flex my car to bitts and pieces and "feel" the music more than merely hear it. I want to violently shake everything and make it feel as though my car is falling apart on the lows. My only other consideration would be a Fi Bl but I am afraid it will be lacking on the lows for me as I mainly listen to chopped and screwed music and decaf down low (27-34Hz).
  7. I'm in the market for a good 6k rms amp. Primarily looking for a Crescendo 5500bc, but if you have anything else as good or better please inform me.
  8. I'm looking to buy an amp in the true 1200-1500 watt range at 1 ohm. It can vary from this range a little bit, just post anything you've got. For my budget it can go up to $300. I'm interested in cheaper stuff as well, though, such as the Soundqubed 1200 and other amps.
  9. Recently installed my Crescendo CZ comps in my blazer and they sound great for the price. I'm running them off of a Clarion XH 5410 so they should be getting at about rated power. The tweets aren't very harsh at all even at high volumes but it has a little more midsbass than I'd like, but I'm pretty sure thats in my tuning. One thing I'm curious about are the crossovers. In the middle of the crossover there is a 2 way switch. It isn't labeled so I have no idea what it for. It has a left,middle,and right, position but whenever i push it either way there is no difference in sound from the tweets or the mids. Since I didn't know what the switch does I just left them at the middle setting because thats the way they were shipped from the factory. Does anyone who has ran theses comps know what that switch is for??
  10. I'm getting ready to order new mids and highs. I'm going to be going with crescendo 2 (possably 4) Pwx 8" midranges, and two sets of the cz component sets running on two mb quart Onx4.125 amps. My question is what are my options for a crossover for the Pwx's? I would like to run them 80-500 hz and then the component sets take off from 500hz up. What would be the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  11. On the crescendo website it says the rms power of each set is 100 watts or that is what I believe it means. I plan to run a few sets actively off my p80-prs and am wondering how much power to give to the mids and tweets respectively. Thanks
  12. Im looking to buy 2 Crescendo mp6 speakers, but i cant find where to buy them. If you know how or where to buy them please reply.
  13. Hi, guy I'm very new to this site, and pretty new to all of this car audio stuff. So i'm looking for some help out there, from you guys! Ok I have a Crescendo BC2000D amp, and I have 2 Kicker comp R's that say they are able to handle up to 800 rms each? I just want to know if this is a good set up or will this amp that i have blow those subs? I will be putting them into a Dodge ram 1500, and hopefully run them at 1 ohm. Any help will be appreciated!
  14. Buddy is looking to do a wall and wants some sundown SA subs to do it with. 12s or 10s Hasnt decided which yet. Have some for sale, let me know!
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