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  1. A few years ago I listed my company; Second Skin Audio LLC for sale on a couple of websites. Last year I decided to get serious about selling it, and decided to list it with a broker. He did an amazing job for me, and in less than 4 months I received my first and only offer. I accepted, and over the last 3 months have been working closely with lawyers, my CPA, broker and the buyers to work out all the details. The purpose of this announcement is to inform everyone that Anthony Collova is no longer the owner of the Second Skin company. The new owner is a gentleman named Ken Kanefield. Him and his wife Sue sold their auto glass company, and bought 100% of Second Skin Audio LLC. For the last 4 weeks I have been training the new owners in the daily operations of the company. I will remain on temporary staff for the rest of the year, helping with phone support for Ken and Sue. The phone numbers, email addresses, and website details will all remain the same. Products, prices, and shipping methods will also stay the same. The only change will be the person sitting behind the desk and answering the phone. Oh.. The desk however will be moved from Phoenix, where I live, to Tucson, where they reside. My plans for the future are simple. I am going to travel with my girlfriend and my dog. We plan on living in a different state or country for 3 months at a time, for the next 2 years. First stop is Austin, then Chicago, then Manhattan. After NY, we will be moving to Rome, Madrid and London. Then we hit Asia.. All of this will start April 2011, after I compete in my first NPC body building competition (no joke). I am ready, and have been ready to move on for quite some time. I started the company with a $700 loan from my father, and managed to do pretty well for myself. I am MORE than happy with the way things have turned out. For now though, I want more from life, and plan on getting it while I am still young. I turned 35 yesterday and though I am semi retired, I still feel like I have a lot left to do in the business world. I formed a new company called Collova Media Inc. and will soon be managing a portfolio of online businesses built from my own capitol. The goal is to work 3-5 hours per week, from anywhere in the world. So far I am well on my way! I want to thank all of my friends and all of our customers for your continued support over the last 8+ years. I have learned a lot, and formed some great relationships. Without the support of the forums, members and vendors, I would not be nearly as successful as I have been. Your continued loyalty to the Second Skin brand and faith in my products means the world to me. You can expect to see a new Second Skin Rep on the boards in my place. I am not sure what Ken is going to chose as a username, but I am sure it will be pretty obvious who he is. Please help welcome him as the new owner of Second Skin Audio, and take care of your selves. Yours in humility, Anthony Collova PS. Use this coupon code to take 15% off of any order on www.secondskinaudio.com for the next 4 days while I Am still in the office. After that, you are on your own Code = cyasuckers ANT
  2. Last week I posted a video asking the Second Skin youtube subscribers what sound deadening product they wanted to see go on sale. Check out this video and use the coupon code to take 20% off of our Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier Luxury Liner Pro Take the coupon code over to www.secondskinaudio.com in the next 2 days and claim your discount! ANT
  3. Yeah.. it was.. So much infact that out of our 15k members, Steave Meade is is number 5. He helped that site get started, and I aquired it from the previous owner last year. I have been trying to revive the site and bring back some of the older members, but that takes some work. Traffic is increasing and content is moving again though, so I am hopeful. ANT
  4. If you mean riddled with security holes, and no way for members to upload their own pics, with monthly server crashes, Nah... no plans for it . We are however looking in to a better platform to host the images. The previous platform was a custom html hack job that caused more problems than anything. We want to improve the functionality of the site without draining the server or opening the door for hackers to exploit us. That is all the old system had to offer. ANT
  5. Thought I would let some of you guys know. We just sent out a mass email to all of the banned ROE members. We are offering anyone that has ever been banned onRealm Of Excursion the opportunity to come back to the site, hassle free. All you need to do is email me with your user name to let me know if you want to be reinstated. [email protected] ANT
  6. Thank yous to those that need it. Fuck yous to those that asked for it. I appreciate you all supporting Second Skin the way you do! ANT
  7. Sure thing! Email me with your shipping address and I'll send some of the new improved Damplifier Out to you [email protected] ANT
  8. Once our Damplifier is sold out, the sale will end. We usually go through 1 pallet ever 3 days.. That give you about 2 weeks for 5 skids.. May go faster since it is on sale.. Hope that helps! ANT
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