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  1. Trying to figure out how to wall a Single 15''....

  2. I personally would get the 5 D2's @ .8, Because after Imp Rise you will be above 1ohm.
  3. Hmmmm i mite have to buy these and the 6.5''s You got any Power/ground wire?
  4. Ur makin me think about buying it back,lol thinkin about runnin 4 in a blowthrough.
  5. Don't think i have that much in paypal. but ill see what i can do, mite take like 3days for the money to transfer into there.
  6. Ay bro, if i goto the finals out in Htown, i mite pick the RE's up from ya, slim chance im going tho, but we shall see.
  7. I have.........if hearing it play a 27hz tone on 10k counts,lol
  8. Selling everything....

  9. I don't have any recent pics, but can get some if you want. I have a Infinity Ref475a that ill sell if the price is right, so PM me and we can talk about a price. Heres some more specs on it: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_9712_Infinity+Reference+475a.html
  10. Audiosavings = FTW Have never used there Customer service, since i have never had a bad deal with them :good: But anyway Awesome price and Free/fast shipping, What more could you ask for?
  11. What amp is it? And if you know what your doing(by not cranking the gain) it should be able to handle that, Since Fi's are underrated.
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