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  1. Well it's time for a new beginning. I love the old POS but it's time to move forward! I'm Twistedchild420 on youtube and this is my main baby. She has 12 DAD 10" subwoofers (rated at 1,00wrms) in a walled ported enclosure. 4 Phoenix Gold Elite. 1's(Put out about 4200 watts a piece) 2 Arc Audio KS300.4's ( Very clean amps that do about 700 watts a piece) For mids and highs it has 3 sets of Focal Access 8".....2 sets of Focal Access 6 1/2's and a pair of Cadence Super tweeters on the pillars. The pillars are custom fiberglassed as well as the doors. For power I have a DC power 270XP......1 XS PowerD3400 up front......and 6 XS power D3100's in the rear. This a pretty much turn key demo system! And with some tweaking could be a bad ass SPL ride! Now as far as the vehicle itself it's in decent shape.The entire outside is rhino lined. Close to 200,000 miles and it will still drive across the country right now! lol Has a small oil leak but nothing that affects day to day driving. Got a random set of 22's on it with good tires. And to help with all the weight it has a Airlift 1000 system in the rear. Also the AC doesn't work! Needs a new compressor. Pretty much all you need to know. Everything else on the car is in good running shape. Price is $12,000 OBO.....retail on all the equipment plus the actual vehicle is right around $20K....so not too shabby of a deal. Pick up ONLY! No shipping. Might also be interested in trade for a cool Audi or Mercedes. No junk though.
  2. 1. Product: Arc Audio XDI 2000.1's 2. Specs: Have been clamped to do around [email protected] 1ohm http://www.arcaudio.com/p/xdi2000-1?pp=24 3. Description/Condition: Used....but in damn good condition! Never seen below 13.8v 4. Price: : Price is $400 + shipping....no trades....Daddy needs 16K! help me! 5. Pictures: Pic taken today!
  3. My boy Daniel of Team Pressure Lows came down to the car show and did his thang! This car has gotten MUCH louder since I last heard it! Beast ass 4th order in bro's trunk! Thanks for watching guys and don't forget to GFY's!
  4. Just got my Note 3 and HAD to see how the camera handled BASS! So here we are....came out good in my opinion! Thanks for watching and GFY's
  5. Selling my mint condition Viscera 22's. All tires have damn near new tread...but there are 3 different treads...2 are missing a couple black spokes.....but they can be purchased on Ebay for $40 shipped for a 5 pack. This is a really good deal and i'm taking a loss selling them at this price with new tires. Lug pattern is 5 x 114.3 or 5 x 4.5 ( Same Thing) They should fit a lot of vehicles. Message me if interested...........LOCAL ONLY! Will not ship......might meet in Dallas but no BS'ing Price is $700
  6. I heard this song on GTA 5 and absolutely LOVE IT! So I decided to make a lil bass compilation.A Lot of people may not dig the song......but oh well....GFY's. Hope you guys enjoy some random footage from all over the world! And yes....Stero's....it's a southern thang...lol
  7. Ya know....considering dude hasn't moved much.....I say I rally up a BIG comeback on Friday ....at the last minute
  8. Yes.....thanks everyone that is still voting. But yeah this whole contest is fucked...lol We are in the top 10 regardless....let the middle eastern cats keep humping if they want. I'm almost positive Jeep dude won't win anything regardless.
  9. Ya know ....I just realized something in the fine print.... 6. Prize Drawing On August 30, 2013, voting for entries will end. Well shit...lol I can't do another week of this shit! Either way we are in the top 10......thanks everyone for voting! You can keep voting if you like.
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