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  1. In all honesty, its not that impressive at that pricepoint. Theres some better options from other brands for cheaper ...MB Quart, Kicker, Beats maybe.
  2. i am talking about clean power. Almost all amps can put out some amount of clean power before it gets dirty...rendering the test over. How much power before it gets dirty is the question. I was trying to relay this point the other day. Alot of amps will do "close to rated" dirty power which might be fine for alot of the general public, but to alot of us on this forum, we know better and wouldn't trumpet an amp as the next best thing. From a business point of view, it's a shitty way to do thing, but a lot of amp companies do it. Theres really no "standard" (CEA-Compliance isnt a standard unless a company pays for it) so you are stuck not knowing unless you dyno every amp.
  3. Dont believe that is siri. Not an Apple device its a new invitation-only app on the play store.
  4. I don't live in the prettiest part of town nor the worst But Sometimes it makes me laugh Espcially when they are trying to start shit or they feel above you and trying make you feel less of a person, just because they have a "better" car traphouse. lol.
  5. im surprised no ones asked. do you have pics of the truck when you picked it up under the oak tree? would be an interesting sight. lol.
  6. if that video actually shows the officer darren wilson, his injuries couldnt have been that severe if he was standing around?
  7. Sounds like a well worn street cop just put a bureacratic dipshit in his place. I'd bet my bottom dollar two close friends of mine, both local Sheriff's deputies, would agree whole heartedly. I get the point he's trying to make, but he contradicts himself to the point of annoyance. All the examples he gave, there was reasonable suspicion for the person to be stopped and reason for an arrest. The reported theft and the killing WERE entirely different because the police chief said the officer was not aware. Besides for walking on the street, there was no other reason to stop Brown. In all honesty, based on what is being said, this is how they want us to think it played out: Officer: Hey stop walking on the street blocking traffic Brown: Fuck You Cop Officer: Get out of the street Brown then walks to the officers car and attacks the officer ? Any reasonable person would have to say there had to be some sort of confrontation with BOTH of them to escalate that far.
  8. I mean, take it for what its worth. its someone who called in to a radio station with "knowledge of the investigation." could be real or not, who knows.
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