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  1. i got rid of cable. have netflix, amazon prime, and kodi. apple tv and fire tv. also have slingTV but dont really use it.
  2. lol damn, im sure his dealers love that...
  3. I wouldnt really fault them for that, alot of companies do that. Up until recently, Faraday Future (worth millions overnight) didn't discuss their hierarchy. If the owner has an interest in multiple different markets, they may not want them to cross paths. With FU's case, its strange because they sorta just came outta nowhere. Their business name was clearly to gain notoriety, even if they do say it means "For you." Their site is poorly done, and up until now, they havent had anything innovative and their pricing is a little high. Maybe time will tell because everyone starts somewhere.
  4. In all honesty, its not that impressive at that pricepoint. Theres some better options from other brands for cheaper ...MB Quart, Kicker, Beats maybe.
  5. Can you fit 7 cubes in a challenger? I remember the trunk space in my camaro was laughable
  6. i am talking about clean power. Almost all amps can put out some amount of clean power before it gets dirty...rendering the test over. How much power before it gets dirty is the question. I was trying to relay this point the other day. Alot of amps will do "close to rated" dirty power which might be fine for alot of the general public, but to alot of us on this forum, we know better and wouldn't trumpet an amp as the next best thing. From a business point of view, it's a shitty way to do thing, but a lot of amp companies do it. Theres really no "standard" (CEA-Compliance isnt a standard unless a company pays for it) so you are stuck not knowing unless you dyno every amp.
  7. Dont believe that is siri. Not an Apple device its a new invitation-only app on the play store.
  8. " i guarantee youll do a 59 with your amps " does that dude know how hard that actually is to gain over 2db more? cool score though
  9. Are those OEM wheels? Love the truck but the wheels arent my taste.
  10. damn, e30's are my favorite cars ever. sell me a running one in semi-good condition
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