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  1. If you don't know what captain save a ho means, you're either too old or too young for me to explain it too.

    First off using a term E-40 made popular in 94 with the group the click didn't go over my head, How is what I said, saving anyone?

    I mean if I rolled up and bailed out a punk I could understand that, however I dont believe i bailed anyone out. If anything I am sure people

    might have been in agreement but fear makes some not speak up or talk shit back.

  2. Fake or real?! (or am I late to the party?) MAP $1699.00 Sundown Audio Zv5 24"


    So i was just digging through my design files and realized i was prepared for this day lol. 30 cubes net tuned to 26hz, this should work. It's a shame that it isn't on the team series motor tho. lol


    Putting a team series motor and coil on that sub would stretch the surround and fold the cone, the surround has to be customed tooled, from what I know about sundown thats probably already in the works but that stuff takes a while to perfect. I agree though the team motors and coils would be epic once finalized.

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