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  1. If you heard linkin parks last album you'd do the same thing!
  2. the people who would win a harness challenge would be the guyus who work at best buy and have to fly through stereos to make commission, a custom installer is always going to be slower at certain things. On the flip side the best buy guy cant build a box.
  3. with all the functionality of that sony are you going to keep the 360 or take it out?
  4. Bout to drink some high quality H20 then hit some burpees

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      on the bench press

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      damn you a big dude, lol. At my strongest, best I got was 275, lol



      my youtube page has some work out vids from when I was trying to play pro ball.  sicmacbrent   thats my user name

  5. yes, states can enact there own laws on gun control and what is allowed. The laws cant supersede what the federal laws are, that being said you can have guns just not very cool ones.
  6. big 5 sports will have ruger mini-14's on sale with the carbon stock for 499 from time to time. I am waiting for them to drop again.
  7. you can buy complete smith and wesson ar's for 699, so not too bad. the mini is around 499 on sale. the maximum distance we train for when having to shoot inmates is 100 yards so the mini has steel sights. we are allowed to shoot further if need be but liabilty comes into play if you hit the wrong person we can buy assault rifles until the first of january so everyone is scrambling, I got my ar for trade. traded a full system installed for it. deck,highs,2 amps and 4 12" subs nothing crazy entry level 145 db type system. guy has invested about 2500 building up the weapon
  8. So this is the rules that state places on peace officers, You can have a high capacity magazine and actually use it if you have the same weapon as an on duty fire arm. The ar-15 is only used by our CERT team which is a CA prison version of a SWAT team. I am not on CERT so while I can buy 30 round mags all day long I can not actually load it into my ar or its illegal. My standard duty rifle is a mini-14. I can buy a mini 14 and can use hi cap mags and not get into trouble, I personally feel the mini is a bad ass accurate easy to fire rifle. I am currently putting my penny's in a jar to buy one. My roommate is a police officer and his duty weapon is an ar-15 he gets to go target shoot with a hi cap mag no problem.. This is where it gets really funny. He doesnt have a clue that I couldnt use hi cap mags. most cops are clueless on the peace officer exemptions and think so long as you carry a badge it doesnt matter. The people who no the gun laws like the back of their hands are wardens, park rangers and us forestry cops. most are cool with hi cap mags but in the event that you get a cop who is a dick, you will get into big trouble and potential face charges that could end up getting you fired. fucking lame-o.
  9. I bought a laser bore site for my ar-15 today. its in a 223 casing, has anyone one had any exp. with these types of things? it says it good for 100 yards. is that only because the laser isnt bright enough to be seen beyond that.? any ideas would be appreciated
  10. so the dickhead with the gun is a straight pussy. gets challenged by a guy in a golf hat and resorts to pointing a gun at him.. arrest that turd!
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