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  1. the people who would win a harness challenge would be the guyus who work at best buy and have to fly through stereos to make commission, a custom installer is always going to be slower at certain things. On the flip side the best buy guy cant build a box.
  2. with all the functionality of that sony are you going to keep the 360 or take it out?
  3. Bout to drink some high quality H20 then hit some burpees

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      on the bench press

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      damn you a big dude, lol. At my strongest, best I got was 275, lol



      my youtube page has some work out vids from when I was trying to play pro ball.  sicmacbrent   thats my user name

  4. Thanks boom! impressive numbers from that little guy, what are they going for price wise?
  5. Can someone please type the numbers for me. I am blocked from viewing youtube vids. thanks in advance
  6. I cant watch due to internet filters, can someone be a peach and post the numbers? thanks in advance
  7. looks way better murdered out! grill looks so much better it makes you wonder why they dont come color matched from the factory. black plates in the future?
  8. This is lame! I cant see you tube videos because My filter at work blocks them.... I have to wait till morning to watch in the car on the way home!
  9. just finished xfiles! It was yummy

  10. pubes? you mean those annoying things from the 90's?

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    2. Miguels


      so is that why your face smells like balls?

    3. Kyblack76
    4. audiofanaticz


      no, taint. But wtf you doing so close to my face anyways. You trying to kiss me or what?

  11. Has anyone clicked on the PRIDE link in the ads up top?

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    2. OrionStang


      Just did. Still get the error. Works just fine on my phone.



      I can view the site just only in russian

    4. KillaCam


      Doesn't work for me.

  12. Here is a a concept that I use when designing bandpasses, if the sub will perform well in a sealed enclosure it will usually perform well in a 4th order bandpass, I see alot of subs that are designed for ported enclosures being stuffed into 4th order enclosures, dont get me wrong I see impressive numbers when this is done however the tonal quality is usually shitty,
  13. cool amp, I just recently installed a brand new ss usa 305, its a 5 channel amp with the american flag printed on the entire board.
  14. with all due respect, the culinary is the best spot to work if you want the hook up on food! Thats where I would work!
  15. I think this thread is highly entertaining, its kinda like jerry springer shit! The tranny did it!
  16. You know whats funny? There are going to be all sorts of wild stories, this is like a game of telephone!
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