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  1. yea i was hearing that too that the batts were stressing more, my deka intimidator just came in the mail today, but i am not sure if i should hook it all up since the xs powers may be bad
  2. Hey everyone. I have 3 batteries in my system (Optima yellowtop, 2 xs d3100s) with a dcpower 270 xp alt powering a sundown 4500 at .5 ohms with 1000+ watts of mids/high power. Full tilt @ 2k rpm, i drop to arond 12.4-12.8 volts depending on the music. Well, i just got my car serviced at a dealership last week and they said that my optima battery was dead, but all 3 batteries were wired together, so I was wondering how they came to that conclusion. A buddy mechanic of mine decided we should test all the batteries with a device that measures cca. After doing the test, the optima battery had 32 cca (its over 3 years old), and the car wouldnt even start so it was clearly dead, but the xs batteries (about 8 months old) showed around 370 cca on one and 380 cca on the other when it should be around 1300. He claims that the device used may not be accurate to test the d3100 and to get it carbon load tested, but nowhere within 80 miles from where i live will do that. My question is, why would the voltage be good on 1 dead battery and 2 bad batteries, assuming the device is correct. Any input would be great
  3. yea thats what i got now, they are in fine corners away from vents etc.
  4. its on the back of the box on 3/4inch birch, amp is 3 inches away from rear of trunk so im limited on space :/
  5. My amp just got back from dbr for a mosfet repair and the back plate seems to rattle violently still, even though they said they used loctite on all the screws. It flexes about 1/8th of an inch, is this something to be concerned about to damage anything? Ive tried alot of methods (stuffed towels in corners of amp, mounted dense rubber on mounts to absorb vibration) and minimized the rattling a little but it still flexes, especially on high notes. attached is a pic on how its mounted. Its mounted on birch wood on back of enclosure, 3 inches away from back of the trunk so im limited on space
  6. The glue exaggerates it a little, its literally invisible without the glue and had no performance problems, just sealed it so it didnt crack more
  7. sure thing, might as well post it on here too, prolly have one by tomorrow
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