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  1. Can't believe what I just read! What is wrong with that dude? He must just be jealous Steve, I know I am, haha. The haters will always hate, I personally think it looks GREAT, very very clean as usual. Awesome Job man, for real.
  2. Nice Steve! You're work continues to amaze me... You've done so much to the Tahoe since me and pops saw it in person a few years ago, we may just have to make another Sacramento trip to see all the work you've done since then! It's gonna look sick, can't wait til you get this one finished and pics uploaded, nice work Steve.
  3. The remote bass runs off of a RJ-45 cord though on a T-5001BD amp. So that's why I was wondering if a splitter would work. Just split the signal into two, and one for each amp. I just don't wanna damage anything, seems to me like that should work, but I just wondered if anyone has any other ideas.
  4. I have two Rockford Fosgate T5001BD amps and two subs. I have one amp on each sub. I want to us the remote bass boost knob, but would like one knob to control both amps boost. Is this possible? Can I just use a phone jack splitter and split the wire coming from bass knob into both amps? I cant strap these because they don't have the master/slave feature. Is there some other way to do this? I know Steve's got 8 amps and somehow has them all wired to one knob.
  5. Hey, would anyone happen to know a good place to buy lowering springs for a vehicle? I've been looking for front lowering springs for my ride, a 1990 Olds Delta 88, but can't find them anywhere! I just need for the front, I need to drop it down between an inch and a half, and two inches cuz all the stereo weight in the back makes the rear sag more than the front, quite a bit. But i've looked all over the web to no avail. I know this is a rare car to do mods like that too, but there's gotta be some place. Or some place that will make them custom for me? Please let me know if anyone has an idea! Thanks!
  6. I woke up for school, and my mom had the news on tv. I sat and watched as I ate breakfast. Didn't really understand what was going on or severity of it, but she said it was very serious. I was in 7th grade, and when I got to school, they had the tv on the news, and everyone was just quiet. Nobody knew how to act, we tried to do our schoolwork, but nobody could focus. Such a strange, weird feeling that morning, I'll NEVER forget it.
  7. Hey, the same thing just happened to me! And mine is on there like 8 times, lol. Did you ever figure out how to delete the other ones? Because I am having the same problem.
  8. Hey, I just added my ride to the SMD garage, but, somehow it was duplicated several times. Does anybody know how to delete one of your vehicles from the garage? Because I can't find a link anywhere. It's not under edit vehicle or anything. Please let me know! Thank you.
  9. This is great Steve! I'll get one for sure when it comes out. I've been wanting to set my gains proper, but don't want to spend so much money on an o-scope.
  10. Man this looks really good! I think it looks awesome just 2 inches lower in the front like that, it makes a big difference. Good job again Steve!
  11. Steve's Tahoe is rediculously LOUD! I finally got a demo of it, and it was the most exciting day of my life, for real.

  12. Steve, the benches look great! You did an awesome job on them, as usual! It's crazy how you can just do anything you need to, weather it be car audio, working with wood, metal, welding, you're talented man! Also, it's funny that both of chickens caddy's and the honda are in the exact same spot as when I was there 2 weeks ago for the demo of the tahoe. Guess that just goes to show how busy you are!
  13. Wow, how crazy Steve! I've been waiting for you to get a vid up of you metering the Tahoe. So now I know what kind of SPL I was exposed to when you gave me the demo. Because you played that exact Psyph Morrison song when I got my demo, and you're hitting 157dB with it! Man, that's crazy, it WAS violent, I know!
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