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  1. Can't believe what I just read! What is wrong with that dude? He must just be jealous Steve, I know I am, haha. The haters will always hate, I personally think it looks GREAT, very very clean as usual. Awesome Job man, for real.
  2. Nice Steve! You're work continues to amaze me... You've done so much to the Tahoe since me and pops saw it in person a few years ago, we may just have to make another Sacramento trip to see all the work you've done since then! It's gonna look sick, can't wait til you get this one finished and pics uploaded, nice work Steve.
  3. So, I got a DD-1 to set my gains proper with. Got a 4 CH amp to power two front speakers and two rears, and two sub amps. I am running a pair of 3.5" full range speakers in the dash off of the built in power of my head unit. My pioneer deck distorts at 61, so this is where I would set my amp gains to match the power output of the head unit. However, since I am using the head unit itself to power my 3.5's up front, they would be screaming, and not able to handle the power with the deck up that loud. I am wondering if there's resistors, or a high level control, or something I can do to take some power away from the 3.5's when the head unit is all the way up at 61, because they just can't handle that much power. Is there anything I can do in this situation without having to buy a separate amp just to power the little 3.5" speakers? Thanks.
  4. So had my windows tinted yesterday, I have an older car, been in the family since 1992 and it's a 1990. So as the guy was professionally installing the tint, he asked my if the car had ever been in a wreck. Since it's been in our family, no, but the 2 years before it was possible. Anyway, he said there was what they call welding slag all over the back window, which is usually from a car getting into a wreck and being worked on. He said there isn't anything he can do about it, and that if he tried to chip them out, it's embedded into the glass, so it would make it look even worse. So he just tinted over the so called welding slag. My question is, has this happened to anyone else, or is this very common? Because I didn't notice it too much at first, but there are lots of little spots that look like air bubbles, and when I took it back, he said that'a from the welding slag, and there is nothing he can do about it, unless I want to get a new back window. Is this correct, does this happen very often and is there really nothing that can be done about it? Thanks.
  5. I am getting new 20's for my ride, which is a 1990 Olds Delta 88. It's got a 5x115 bolt pattern. However most of the rims i'm interested in have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern. My question is will this work for me? I've heard mixed reviews on this, and the guy I just talked to assured me, the rims i'm looking at will bolt up just fine, and there will be no issues, but they have a 5x114.3. There is a difference of .0275", so it's not exactly the same size. Just wondering what people's opinions are. Thanks.
  6. I have a 1990 Oldsmobile delta 88 and it's got one bulb for high beam and one for low, both 9004 bulbs. I got an hid kit and it came with one bulb, a 9004-2, that's supposed to have a high and low beam both in one bulb. My question is how does this work? There's 4 wires going to the bulb, two for the hid, then two smaller ones that go to what looks like a halogen filament. So is the halogen supposed to light up when I turn my brights on, and the hid shut off or are they both supposed to be on when I activate the brights? Does anyone know how this works? Because originally, I had one bulb for brights, and a separate for lows.
  7. I woke up for school, and my mom had the news on tv. I sat and watched as I ate breakfast. Didn't really understand what was going on or severity of it, but she said it was very serious. I was in 7th grade, and when I got to school, they had the tv on the news, and everyone was just quiet. Nobody knew how to act, we tried to do our schoolwork, but nobody could focus. Such a strange, weird feeling that morning, I'll NEVER forget it.
  8. Wow man, you did such a great job, looks so clean! I want to do a build like this in my trunk car too cuz I hate trunk rattle as well. I've heard that unless built perfectly for the specific sub, 4th order can sound bad. Is this true? What is your box tuned to, and does it seem to hit all the notes pretty well? Thanks man!
  9. Lots of little injuries for me, cuts, scrapes, bruises, but the worst was when I was stripping the end of 4 awg wire with a utility knife, cuz I didn't have wire strippers that went that big. Slipped, and sliced the end of my little finger open, not fun, lol.
  10. My first woofer was a 10" American Precess, APBP-10, not even made any more, lol. 700 watts max, powered by a Pyramid amp. Got it from a liquidation store I think. Built a ported box for it, and put it in my mom's car. I was maybe all of 13. Actually sounded descent, and me and my friends thought it was loud, haha. It was like 10 years ago, before I even had my own ride. But I was fascinated with car audio, and had a lot of fun with that one ten.
  11. Ok, seems like i'm getting a lot of mixed reactions here. Some people telling me it would work fine even with the seats, and some people say, no way it would never work. So, I don't know that the heck to think! Does anyone have any pictures or build logs of some builds similar to the one i'm trying to do? I know it will work because Steve Meade sat in my car, and listened to my system, and recommended that I flip the box around, or build a new box, fire it into the cabin, and seal it off from the trunk. Just sayin', this is his website, and he recommended it to me! I'm just now getting to where I have the time and money to do something with it.
  12. Um, i'm not sure what you're trying to say. What does the windows being up or down have to do with my question about the box firing into the cabin instead of into the trunk?
  13. OK, so does this mean I fire them into the back seats then? Because, I don't see any other way around it. Also, do you have advice on how to seal around the box, so it's completely sealed off from the trunk? Should I use MDF, or fiberglass, or how did you do it? Thanks man!
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