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  1. Its wat i have to work with till the other subs come out.
  2. 2 Fi q's and 2 RE sx's on 3k................for now 4th order btw and a link to my channel incase your not subscribed http://www.youtube.com/user/thumpinmagician?feature=mhum#p/u/0/FoAK6fneihQ
  3. as the title says. were looking to bag my friends 01 denali. thanks
  4. i just built a wall for a honda hatch with 3 15's and he did 149.6 at 2k rms. at 34hz. ........... just saying and he' supposed to be pushing 4k lol.
  5. 2 DC lvl 5 18's or 2 Death Penalty 21's

    yessur its a wall. what more can i expect from voltage being down at 11.5 and a low ass tuning? also 157.2 with 2 15's at 30hz? LMAO
  6. 2 DC lvl 5 18's or 2 Death Penalty 21's

    have u seen my vids? lol im doing a 152.5 at 30hz and a 151 at 28hz with 2 solo x 18's
  7. 2 DC lvl 5 18's or 2 Death Penalty 21's

    solo x 18's. ive seen 21" dp's burn like at 3k. i actually have 2 solo x 18's im looking to sell for a bit more then one dc lvl5
  8. yep thats coil glue your smelling lol i LOVE that smell. its no big deal.
  9. The loudest 2x 18" in the world

    181.1 world record???? i thoght the record was broken at SBN 2010 with a 182.6