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  1. 2 Fi q's and 2 RE sx's on 3k................for now 4th order btw and a link to my channel incase your not subscribed http://www.youtube.com/user/thumpinmagician?feature=mhum#p/u/0/FoAK6fneihQ
  2. i just built a wall for a honda hatch with 3 15's and he did 149.6 at 2k rms. at 34hz. ........... just saying and he' supposed to be pushing 4k lol.
  3. yessur its a wall. what more can i expect from voltage being down at 11.5 and a low ass tuning? also 157.2 with 2 15's at 30hz? LMAO
  4. have u seen my vids? lol im doing a 152.5 at 30hz and a 151 at 28hz with 2 solo x 18's
  5. solo x 18's. ive seen 21" dp's burn like at 3k. i actually have 2 solo x 18's im looking to sell for a bit more then one dc lvl5
  6. yep thats coil glue your smelling lol i LOVE that smell. its no big deal.
  7. 181.1 world record???? i thoght the record was broken at SBN 2010 with a 182.6
  8. damn ive missed this build lol looks sick man. what are the songs to those last vids except the metering one lol.
  9. lol. yeah i believe so. im just running 3 smids 3 tweets and 3 crossovers per channel on my 1000c4. final ohm load is 1.33.
  10. ill bump it for audiogod lol so he can see the magnet shotzzzz
  11. any is bad but the i will play anything ASLONG as it doesnt distort thru the speakers itself lol
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