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  1. +1 to wigglez Put a 12 volt source on the amp remote and see if it powers up. If not, it's screwed
  2. Hey man. I'm here a lot actually, but work prohibits me from posting. I lurk often though. I'd really appreciate your guys help though, you don't have to be an active member, just 10 posts. Thanks guys
  3. So we have a competition running over at www.xbox-360.co.za/forum The member who refers the most legit members this week wins a nice prize. Please register, add made user name as referrer(scratchy) and make 10 posts. PLEASE? It's a great forum anyway, so you might just enjoy it. Thanks in advance guys
  4. See what I mean by useless threads? Seriouslly guys, if you wanna brag about something like skipping class, at least tell us you got laid. Psssshhh
  5. Look, I'm not trying to be an asshole, but, do what YOU feel is right, not what the forum thinks you should do. After all, it's YOU who has to get over her and nothing the forum can say will change that. Deal with it how you think best. Back in the day(before 90% of you fellas joined) the forum was filled awesome threads, but now adays it feels like reading an oprha magazine.
  6. I bought the amps years ago for N$3000 which is about U$300 each Benched, they put out 1550rms at 1ohm on 12.4volts
  7. I used to love this forum, honestly. I would've spent hours upon hours reading through all the junk on here. But lately, and I know I'm not alone, it's become one big fucking doctor Phil episode. I almost got hit by a car, how do I get over my ex, I'm moving from my parents house, blah blah fucking blah. Sheesh, this forum used to be about audio, not about social issues
  8. To be honest, I forgot if there are the powers or punches, they can handle more than 3k daily though. My bud ran them on 4.5k and they only got smelly after about 20 minutes on full tilt. I'll be running 1 1500d per woofer daily if I can get them down to 1ohm, otherwise 1 3000d for both
  9. I'm in Namibia Africa. I don't know the exact motor number off by heart, but it's the 2lt 16 valve Renault motor. Does 99kw stock, but I think mine is up to about 120ish
  10. The setup is only small till I get the other woofer. I will be running 2 RF hx2 15" woofers of 3000watts, can't wait. I'll get some pics up tonight and share. Thanks for the comments guys
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