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  1. Damn meade. Hadnt been on the forum in a while... been busy. Kept up with the progress on FB and the tube though. It is about time for you to show up on the cover of truckin magazine. Did they see this thing in Vegas? If not, it is prolly about a good a time as any to show them how its done in northern california. Clean, Low profile, sleeper, understated, elegant, bitchin', ballin', tight, hot, professional....whatever. Take your pick. Any of these adjectives just do not do the tahoe justice when it comes to putting it into words. I know you are proud of it. Amazing ride man. Envy of all, well me anyway. Love it.
  2. yeah, its biggest problem is it is running the iphone/itouch OS and not snow leopard. This is a really neat toy, but pretty much just a giant app device and a way to surf the net laying on the couch or in the bed. They really should of put in the camera from the imac or the macbooks too. sadly, though.... because it is a neat toy to surf the net from the couch or the bed, I will prolly get one to leave laying around the house for me and the wife to play with.... some of the apps from the app store are really neat and VERY useful. 500 bucks is not bad as far as price goes. I wouldnt buy it as a replacement for my laptop to use while traveling for work though.
  3. lil update. That cable will charge my itouch, but I got the new video nano for christmas ( 16 gig ) ... and the screen on the nano says that " charging is not supported with this device " when plugged into the 9887
  4. I got kinda the same drama in my family. My wife and mother do not get along at all. I havent spoken to my mom since I got married in march. Me and dad were still talking here and there... but no more hanging out ..... and we work for the same company, but we dont work together. Well , we should have been home this year for christmas since we spent last christmas with her parents. But, since there is so much tension between all of us, my wife and I went to Panama City, FLA with all of her family this year. I didn't even so much as get a phone call from my father christmas day. Sometimes families are hard to deal with. do what make you happy, and once you are married, do what makes the two of you happy. Once you are married, your wife will come first when it comes to this family drama shit.
  5. Today I shot my pa-in-laws beretta 92FS ( I think that is the model number ) 9mm. It is a little pricey but now, I wish I woulda bought that gun before I purchased my Glock .40 ....Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Glock... but that Beretta was way more accurate and felt better in my hands than my model 22 does.... In a literal side by side comparison. Also Shot a Springfield M1 .308 rifle. Killer weapon.
  6. nasty subs man. wish I had the power to run them...
  7. head units...AWESOME Subs... OKAY amps...PRETTY GOOD mids and highs....well, that depends on what ya spend. I went through two sets of alpine 6x9s ( type R ) before I installed a set of kenwood 6x9s...then I got wise and bought some JL XR comps...
  8. going from this , two layers of dampi pro.... to this on top of that, made the biggest difference of all
  9. If Verizon woulda played ball with apple and got the iPhone, AT&T would be just about out of business , as far as cell phones go.... Verizon didn't want to let apple handle the tech support for the iphone, and AT&T was okay with it, so they won the iphone war.....Possibly the worst corporate business decision we will ever have witnessed in our lives. The rumor is , Apple's contract with AT&T expires in the beginning of next year, so Apple , AT&T, and Verizon are all being very quiet about what will happen once AT&T loses the exclusive right to provide service for the iphone in the US..... As bad as I want the iphone, I REFUSE to use AT&T. The coverage around here is spotty at best. my verizon phone works better than a land line.
  10. She doesn't know what she wants. But here is the bottom line....from a purely logical standpoint....no emotion here....and this may be how you need to shift your thinking if it comes to this. She wants to leave you for him, then she needs to file the papers, pay ALL divorce proceeding expenses...and makes this as painless for you as possible. I agree with another poster on this.... Sometimes, as much as you try, and it sounds like you are, there are just some battles that are already lost before the fight even starts. The fact that she is EVEN considering all of this is what worries me...It's like she is finally getting what she wants, and now she is trying to clean up her mess with you , without trying to be a bitch about it. This dude ruined it once with her, left her and kid all alone, and yet..... she some how wants MORE of this behavior ? Some chicks man.... bat-shit crazy.... ( no offense to your wife ) I just can't see wherre she thinks being with this guy over you is a good thing....????
  11. The only time some one has too much ink is when there aint no more skin left to be covered. Looking good Meade. Kudos on getting the ole girl done or your arm. Classic image, yet very original for a tattoo. That artist seems to know his way around the black and gray work...
  12. I am sure you will get the tethering thing worked out.... But damn, at this point your tahoe is just..... Neat. There isn't really any other way to put it. You are certainly driving around a ONE of a kind setup. It is cool how you have embraced the mac setup. I noticed you haven't been swapping over to windows with it in your vids... The front row program is really neat , I believe you can set it up to play movies in your hard drive that are not in itunes....I haven't tried it yet, but I have read that it can be done. Also, deadening the floor really made a difference in my FJ, but doing the dampi-pro AND the Luxury Liner took out so much more road and tire noise....It just made getting the carpets back in a major PITA. The luxury liner is THICK.
  13. Really looking forward to seeing the panels in and playing. The other trim pieces getting wrapped will be the detail work we always see in your builds. Just like the hoopty. Leave nothing to chance, leave nothing incomplete. This type of work is what sets you above the bar from some of the "pro" builders out there. You do great work Steve. Little off the topic of the tahoe build here .... And the Honda, I am sure I am one of the many that can't wait to see the little Meade show the Big Meade what he has learned over the years. That will be a great thread to keep up with. What is on the to-do list on the hoopty? Or are you just gonna be prepping it for paint and exterior stuff like you mentioned before, or is there new plans for it now?
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