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  1. what sub is that in your avatar.

  2. hey sorry if this is a bit late but im doing all the mods on my 98 5.9L jeep that you mentioned. Im going with a ported kegger with a fastman 52mm TB (dont go 4bbl cause it incase you do decide you want more power and go with a blower then you cant use the 4bbl. hughes makes a good intake manifold for the truck a tad pricey but it works, i luckily have all the necessary tools to port mine and modify to his standards without paying to have it shipped back and forth. Im going with a krc 210x cam most wild cam you can get thats streetable and an sct tuner tuned by hemifever. Id get larger injectors as well theyll help out a bunch. Im running a 14.8 in the quarter stock. Im hoping with all these mods ill be in the high 13s and mid 13s once i start shaving some unnecessary weight like trailer hitch, spare tire etc.
  3. sexiest port ever, something about kerfed ports makes me hard. love the build keep up the good work
  4. do you have issues with that floor rattling since its on hinges right ontop of the sub?
  5. wtf? acura's dont hold better resale values than lexus and infiniti... since when do you see a ton of rental car lexus running around? german cars have the least amount of depreciation. i love how you say imports hold their resale value so much better but only focus on acura as the best... its not true at all. acura decided to hire monkeys as exterior designers they look ugly as hell now i would never ever drive one of the new tsx or tls everrrr. mmm... id have to argue with that there are alot of nice jap luxury cars that are much more comfortable than caddys but caddy has that plush feel to it which i dont really like cause it handles like a tank with a lot of body roll. they compromise performance for comfort cause their previous target crowd was old ass people that have no interest in performance handling. cept i dont think this is really evident in the new cts. the new cts looks like a good bang for the buck.
  6. ...? a brand new sts-v is 82,000 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2008-Cadill...A1%7C240%3A1318 cadillacs are known for having no resale value... edit: the cts may have a higher resale value with all the media hype about it but it still isnt that good.
  7. love this build i wish i could hear your system in person... btw do you get a bunch of ricers trying to race you with that exhaust tip...
  8. i love this car, ive driven a ton of cars and out of everything ive driven, this is by far my favorite. it has an elegant sense of luxury to it and very quiet interior making it seem like a tame luxury car til you hit the pedal and all hell breaks loose. are you going to get the vishnu v3 package for it? that would make this car absolutely killer and give vettes a run for their money. btw bmw's performance ratings on your car are conservative. they really run to 60 in about 4.8 seconds. i want to see BMW take the new 750Li motor and stick it into a 550i. twin turbo v8 550i would be sex. honestly if youre going to get a caddy, get a used one they have no resale value whatsoever. i think you could pick up a very nice sts-v for under 40 and theres nothing granny about the sts-v.
  9. id also like a comparison to pyle blue wave and one of those triangle bazookas. id bet theyd dominate over your sub meade at a whole 35 watts peak
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