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  1. what sub is that in your avatar.

  2. Been so busy with school takes up all my time haha. How have you been?
  3. I love getting email notifications for 2+year old threads.
  4. lol yeah but i tossed in my ssds for the time being so my motivation isnt really going anywhere.
  5. unhh so time consuming... I was thinking about cutting out all the damaged areas, getting a 15in speaker ring and fiberglass the entire box... not sure though... I really should build a new box...
  6. so i had my sub/box out of my car and just chillin in my truck bed INSIDE my garage. well we had a nastyyy ass rain storm a few days ago power went out and everything. it was a flash flood basically rained so damn hard that i guess the wind blew water into my garage and onto my sub/box sooo long story short the wood got wet around the sub and well the weight of the sub did work on the box... anyway I was wondering if you guys have any idea how i could ghetto repair this for the time being til I can find the time to build a new box.
  7. the only bulbs ive seen give a decent cutoff are oem d2r bulbs. can you show me a kit that is street legal and gives a cutoff line?
  8. what the shit? dot approved conversion kit? how is that possible ive never seen an hid kit give a cutoff line in a halogen housing... how is anything above 4300k legal? 10k is so damn blue you wont be able to see shit if it rains at night
  9. yeah i could tell he wasnt the stig as soon as he walked in. stig is all white and wears a simpsons racing helmet, shumacher had all alpinestars gear.
  10. ew yellow? whats it gonna do transform? go bumblebee!!!
  11. im not sure what that guy was thinking... i live in cincinnati, ohio thats a long ways away from dc.
  12. sooo i got an update from that scammer hahahaha John Tad: U are Welcome i will get back to u as soon as the payment was mail out to u there John Tad: Hello your payment as be mailed out to u today .here is the tracking number of the payment it send out with Fedex 868898698884 ones the payment arrives.do contact me so i can have my shipper ready to come and move it to my house,regards Thanks looked up the fed ex tracking number and it was held up at the fed ex location for pick up from recipient but a few hours later it said delivered and signed for by R. Watts omfg this is awesome i really hope i dont get in trouble for this lol
  13. how are you connecting it in the car? like via fm transmitter or tape deck?
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