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  1. what sub is that in your avatar.

  2. hey sorry if this is a bit late but im doing all the mods on my 98 5.9L jeep that you mentioned. Im going with a ported kegger with a fastman 52mm TB (dont go 4bbl cause it incase you do decide you want more power and go with a blower then you cant use the 4bbl. hughes makes a good intake manifold for the truck a tad pricey but it works, i luckily have all the necessary tools to port mine and modify to his standards without paying to have it shipped back and forth. Im going with a krc 210x cam most wild cam you can get thats streetable and an sct tuner tuned by hemifever. Id get larger injectors as well theyll help out a bunch. Im running a 14.8 in the quarter stock. Im hoping with all these mods ill be in the high 13s and mid 13s once i start shaving some unnecessary weight like trailer hitch, spare tire etc.
  3. always been a fan of logitech subs hence the avatar. im building a new box for my logitech 8s for a small home theater setup so hopefully i can get bit deeper bass out of them.
  4. nice sub but im looking to downgrade for a home audio setup, thanks for the offer tho.
  5. 800-900 info on the receiver
  6. I only got pulled over once for my system, barely had it bumpin like 1/2 of the volume but the front two windows down. cop pulled me over and started bsing and a harley roars by us and i ask him why hes pulling me over for lightly playing my music when motorcycles make that much noise and he just gave me a warning and let me go. still pissed i got a warning but that logic smacked him in the face he just walked back to the car and wrote up the warning lol
  7. sexiest port ever, something about kerfed ports makes me hard. love the build keep up the good work
  8. 22mpg isnt bad still would prefer getting like 38mpg though.
  9. I guess im just more money conscious when it comes to thinks like that so I can use the money for other luxuries other than gas to take me to and from work/school. when it comes to racing fuck mpg no one cares but a daily driver that gets shit mpg is just retarded when youre just doing the speed limit with all the power. but being dumb about it and wasting a ton of money into gas just to do errands is cool i guess whatever floats your boat.
  10. some cars can do both. thats my point. you car can only do one. If I drove my jeep daily id be down nearly 400 extra a month all of which could go to better things so thats my point. whats more impressive, a car that can do 330hp and get 30mpg or a car that has 330hp and gets 10mpg? you see what I am getting at?
  11. i have way too many damn rl polos im getting kind of sick of them now but i usually wear polo lacoste affliction analog artful dodger lrg crooks and castles the hundreds ysl AE etc. I am obsessed with clothes usually buy something new every week or so and its been adding up to a massive amount over the years. I think I need to get rid of most of them cause I have no more space for any of it. Sometimes I feel like such a girl cause I have more clothes and shoes than almost every girl that I know.
  12. because he can drive his car daily and save a ton of money on gas compared to you. My 5.9L jeep is putting down close to 350hp but I dont drive it around only on weekends and to the drag strip because im getting like 10mpg. He can daily drive his civic thats putting down equivalent power to your car and not worry about gas so he has the enjoyment of having a fast car whenever he wants.
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