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  1. They have made some changes with presets that make it a lot easier.
  2. Handbrake is a multi threaded x64 also for Windows platforms. http://sourceforge.net/projects/handbrake/files/0.9.9/HandBrake-0.9.9-1_x86_64-Win_GUI.exe/download Its also wicked fast.
  3. Lookin good man. Computers are getting more and more opinionated. I've been building since 286/33's where new, when you had to run parity ram. In that time everyone has always tried to tell me how to "build" my rig. Actions obviously speak louder than words
  4. I know when mine did that it was the C states in the power management (dropped CPU clocks) But I'm pretty sure disabling it just disables your ablitiy to change it in Windows.
  5. Oh man. I was thinking up this long response, then I realized that its not even worth it. hahahaha Looks good Steve.
  6. What kind of fluid do you run in there? (I'm not asking to start a war, I've never run a custom water setup and really have no idea what you use for the fluid)
  7. I'm running two 128's striped right now, even in game load times, the difference might be like 1 second, if that. This is two 128 gig M4's in RAID 0 My other Z77 board hit 930ish, I see no difference in load times. That Samsung should hit around 550, I doubt there will be much of a difference in RAID or not.
  8. great pic my work PC (the old Alienware) was updated a few years back, right before i built this one, and it has 2 GTX285's in it......and THAT thing aint no punk either Well, compared to this it is, but the 285 is a great card The 285 still beats out the 460, and the 295 still beats some of the 5xx series cards.
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