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  1. Is there a program to find what hertz are in songs?
  2. I work till 9 tonight but add me and we can get a party going but i dont wana play with complainers =\ my GT is LOLyougetinMAD
  3. since your battery is top mount just get the part that is ment for 0g wires they arnt that much
  4. is that flexable wire or is it stiff?
  5. now I know this is a stupid thing to post but i thought heck ill try it, wires for my system i mean ihave some right now but they arnt all what i want? lol I need like 15ft of 1/0 and i think i can do the rest and i mean a second battery but thats it any offers or free ill pay shipping if you just want to get ride of stuff, :hairtrick:
  6. 1. Bassgasm :: Techmaster P.E.B. 2. Bass Bender :: Def Bass Krew 3. Three Beats :: Bass Outlaws 4. Drippin' With Bass :: Knights of Bass 5. Mix the Beat :: Bass Boy 6. DSTM-2 :: Techmaster P.E.B. 7. Bassmobile :: Techmaster P.E.B. 8. Funkin' Bass :: Bass Boy 9. Slow Down the Bass :: Bass Outlaws 10. Activate :: Techmaster P.E.B. 11. Killer Quad Mega Mix :: Techmaster P.E.B. 12. Bass 115 :: Def Bass Krew 13. Tech'in Slow n' Low :: Techmaster P.E.B. 14. High Voltage :: Bass Outlaws 15. 50Hz 16. 55Hz 17. 60Hz 18. 65Hz 19. 70Hz thats the songs?
  7. I like jeezy lol but i msged you treossi get back to me
  8. we made it 7.5 cft tunned too 32 htz its a temp for now just to break em in i have pics up of my build its called Chevy S-10 build
  9. yeah but i want the songs with nice low bass not high bass you know ?
  10. well i want good songs for my 15;s but im still breaking them in so nothing extreme yet but need some good songs
  11. alrighty thanks guys and i just made a temp box check my build for some of the pics.
  12. yeah i wont i have always put my fuses right up front of my blazer for some reason and then i also thought damn if i need an isolator steve must have like 100 in his tahoe lmao thanks alot guys ill prolly be asking more questions since im making sure my build gets done right.
  13. Well explain to me on the correct way to run a battery i was going to take 1/0 g from front to back for pos and neg isnt that the right way ? lol
  14. Yeah very rarly do i plan on playing my music loud with my music off . he told me that when the car sits just like at the mall that the battiers will pull energy from each other till they wont work
  15. So i had a friend tell me that i need a battery isolator to run my second battery , as of right now i have a regular car battery up front and im getting a Kinetik HC2000 for the back . So is it true that i need a battery Isolator ? and i do plan on getting either another Kinetik for under the hood or a yellow top
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