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  1. Are you selling your Audiopipe 3000.1d?

  2. Yes very over rated. it dose about 1800 @ 1 ohm rite.
  3. May someone please pm me a price for a dc lvl3 15 d2 shipped to 48182. thanks
  4. I just did. They dont look bad. how do they sound?
  5. I want to buy six 15s and i need some suggestins. i was looking at rockford fosgate p3s. I have about 1100 dollers and dont really want to go over 18 cubes. and for power i have a cresendo bc 3500.
  6. And the reson they make em in 8 ohms is so you run 8 of them bitchs.
  7. I say the brutus because if you upgrad subs you wont have to go and buy anther amp? Am i wrong for saying this?
  8. Wow i left out the '. i did not realize this was spelling class.
  9. I cant spell. and was still half asleep. I hate the search bar it never gives full anwser. thank you. Ill have go an buy a clamp meter and the dd-1.
  10. How do you find what your box rize is. kinda a noob. but i want to learn what it is.
  11. What kinda opt. can i get on a lvl 4 and a lvl 4 xl. someone pm the prices?
  12. I have the same probams. i have a pioneer avh-4200dvd. i have my back batt. grounded to the frame. a guy at my local car audio placse grounded the rcas at the high amp and it even made it worst.
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