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  1. Trust me you will have one hell of a time fitting an 15 in that trunk. Get a DC lvl 4xl 12 and a AQ2200D & a AQ4x90. http://www.audioque.com/aq/?page_id=28 http://www.audioque.com/aq/?page_id=32 http://www.dcsoundlab.com/woofers.html Components..... http://www.crescendoaudio.com/home.php?cat=251 and if your gonna do fiberglass doors then get 2 of the dc lvl 2 8's 300 rms ... I'm gonna be calling rusty for my order of 4 of them for my civic 2 in the rear deck and one in each door and run them on 2 crescendo 1000.4's
  2. I had the alt checked they said it was NOT the alt! i dunno but its killing me ... every 2 days you have to boost it or charge it... but as i stated i have had 3 different batteries in there so ...i kind of ruled out that possibility
  3. thanks... cause i was like damn were the hell did they go! lol
  4. Were did dc power go? i thought they were SMD partners ?
  5. Alright I will try to make this short as possible. 1990 dodge conversion van. system 2 DC lvl 4xl 15's 2 kenwood 6.5's 2 kenwood 6x9s audiopipe ap30001d alpine 50x4 viper 5701 alarm door lock actuators street glow neons but before all of this was installed i had a slight problem the van if setting more than 2 days the battery would be at 9 volts <<< WTF well we decided to pull all fuses for all accessory lights running boards inside lights all that from the spare fuse panel. it still does the same thing, we replaced the front battery with a evermaxx deepcycle with 120ah and still the same problem. we pulled the fuses for the system still the same problem. but as i stated it done all this even before alarm or any of that was installed. anyone got any ideals? this is driving me crazy.
  6. If you download this pack and like it and have individual request's let me know.... just give me the name of the song and the artist and i will see what i can do with it.
  7. Oh there is some low's in there that will rip ya apart. there are different frequencies ranging from 28-48 hz depending on the song. some were slow'd to give a better fill and width! and there was only 12 songs to give a better variety and for you to give feedback. I wanted to make sure everyone like before i continued with this!
  8. Zip 1 This is only 12 songs modified. NO CLIPPING! Give it a shot and a couple of video's would be nice. let me know what ya think. thanks
  9. Illegal Activities Do I even need to Say anything about this? No sharing MUSIC files, programs, Movies. you know about RIAA? if its Illegal and You know it, leave it at the door We don't wanna Hear about it. This is a Serious offense I doubt you'll get a warning.
  10. hey i was just wondering why you picked me for the craigslist fail forum obvoiusly if you are only hitting 130 db with 2 level 4xl your the one that should be on craigslist fail my boy that i built that box for and his 15 level 5 is hitting up wards of 150 so why dont you fix your shit before you start talking shit about someone elses box

  11. I got a phone call today while at work that my Father in law has passed Away. he had a severe heart attack. they tried everything they could to save him. but they could not. he left his wife,2 daughters and a son.this is a very sad day tbh! I have been married into this family for almost 13 years.so he was almost like a 2nd dad to me.he served our military for 8 yrs he was only 58 years old.he was a loyal honest man and so young to go so quick. but whats most important is the wife kids and grand children he left behind. please keep us in your prayers. and thank you all so much!
  12. thanks man... yeah early 90's .... but thats when rap was RAP tbh! those are the songs that are classics.
  13. hmmm it was from back in the day by flavor flav and public enemy. all i know is some of the lyrics.maybe someone might be able to tell me the name of the song. lyrics 2 bee's in a bucket mutha mutha fuck it . lol thats all i can remember! anyone got suggestions?
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