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  1. Really reminds me of one I drew up a couple years back. I'm sure this one will have a much larger motor structure though, haha.
  2. I bet you this isn't SMD V2, like is being stated, this will be a smaller version of the driver for shallower installations and smaller sizes.
  3. This will take the speaker wires from your head unit and make it into a clean rca signal for an amp. Probably because steve didn't want to touch the radio in the lex????
  4. I love your products man, you're what companies need, a link between business and friendship; consumer needs and developer abilities.
  5. Check out Chris' Kia, He's Kandiman on here. Best 8s in door I've seen on here.
  6. I can't wait to see how clean this ends up, those woofers are stealth as hell!
  7. I'm in school for all of the above, would be cool to pick your brain sometime about some PHP and MySQL
  8. The coil removed itself from the cone as well. haha.
  9. I would give anything for that car. hahah that pic slipped through...was gonna make a different post about it tomorrow. This is the type of car you find at Gearhead Garage......sick as HELL. This one is 700hp at the wheels. Hell yeah. More pics of it would be awesome, My dad had one back when they were still rolling off the line, not that sexy of course, but damn. Amazing car. Anyway, back on the topic, when do you think you're gonna do your first pull running the spray?
  10. Type in thorshammers on youtube. What would it take to do this? daily this would beat two general 18s right? For him it was two DC level 5 tens on several different amps but I believe he stuck with the ab1100.1 in the end. Now there are two DC M2 XLs 10s. And there are too many variables in the world to say what would beat what.
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