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  1. This bad boy will replace the Treo in my Hombre.
  2. Just saw we have this thread and can't believe how popular it is! haha. Here's my mod, efest battery running my dual coil nimbus at .5 ohms. I <3 mechanical and rebuildables. http://s45.photobucket.com/user/maticus_06/media/vape/Snapchat-20140130123841_zpsodag38hf.mp4.html
  3. You Know I'll enjoy it! Can't wait to see what the mag looks like after her 'face lift'. Just to show those who haven't seen the previous set up that this will replace (If he ripped this out, the next install will have to be insane!):
  4. Looks sick Halen, can't wait to see this bad ass amp.
  5. man nicht einfach google übersetzen, um Post-Zähler zu erhöhen.
  6. why not? doesn't that prevent shit-balls? This server is so fast he forgot to reply.
  7. Somebody make me a sammich. Roscoe, that means you.
  8. toasting in epic bread. Steve sent meh.
  9. Thats just the only thing I couldn't find, and I needed it very bad by the end of my drive!
  10. If you look close you can tell what it is, that turned out really good from this angle.
  11. Really reminds me of one I drew up a couple years back. I'm sure this one will have a much larger motor structure though, haha.
  12. I bet you this isn't SMD V2, like is being stated, this will be a smaller version of the driver for shallower installations and smaller sizes.