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  1. Haha, you got to here joes setup? Not to shabby aye? Biggin's lmfao... Me and my family stay at the hotel across the street there when we visit for the weekend. Good pics man! Glad to here your moms doing good!
  2. Haha, look at that stock rear deck!!! Man, these pics are from a while ago lol
  3. You out did yourself this time lol... Now I wanna see that thing on the highway daily driving lmao
  4. Yo steve, i didnt catch anywhere in the thread as to why you chose RE over Fi. Is it because you won't be driving it that often so the cooling features werent neccesary? Have there been any updates?
  5. Hey man.... How much air does this wall move? I can see some serious flexing from the videos, but can you get some vid's of it moving air... (hair trick, paper, or dirt from the floor lmfao <- thats the coolest.) Thanks man
  6. Hey man, do you have any trouble with your windows coming off the track or being offset by them beats?
  7. Man, you put these up at the worst time for me, if it werent for insurance I'd pick up one or two. GL w/ the sale bro
  8. Hey steve, You wanna help me draw up my designs for my Civic coupe? I'm thinkin along the lines of 3-4 15"s...
  9. ^^^ I'm w/ stupid!!! lol jk 4 the rite price I'll also sell myself for a autograph.
  10. Thanks for that link, GoHybrid seems alot more informed then I lol. Mr. Meade, where did you buy your Optima if you don't mind me asking.
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