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  1. Hey guys, need a little help. Is there some kind of adapter I can purchase to adapt my factory backup camera to this HU ( https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_169259_Alpine-ILX-W650.html ) My truck is a 2012 ram. Appreciate any feedback
  2. No words come to mind, or atleast words that wouldnt offend the sensitive
  3. To everybody behind the scenes that make this website function, my hats off to y'all! Great p[lace to spend time at, Steve, I appreciate everything you have done for me in the past, you deserve all the good from this site, as you and all others worked very hard to make this audio forum "Different" and more down to earth then every other single audio forum on the interwebs! We have seen many come and go here, but there is always those of us that are here for ya for the long haul. Congrats for this 10 year anniversary!! **EDIT** Oh, also to answer the main question... I *think* i've been here since 2007 era.....
  4. lets not post advertisements of other companies in a sub section of this forum that actually contributes.... Continue on
  5. playing stupid doesnt work here... you were kicked for obvuious reasons that EVERYONE in chat on the right side knows of... lucky you didnt get banned from chat, rather just 1 kick, and here you are crying like a little girl....
  6. if there is anyone that knows his beverages on this forum, its James...... So i'd listen to him.
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