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  1. whats up guys!!!!!! bassbomb, whats up brother? been a LONG HOT MINUTE since ive heard from you
  2. nice amp... im thinking about it
  3. Brian was on this like stink on shit....
  4. No need to thank me brother ... I love what I do, and do it for my local citizens with pride! Just so amazing the feeling is knowing all these people care about people like us... hard to explain unless you're in the field i guess We have had so many more people since my last post here drop off treats and food... We dont have to go food shopping for weeks!!!
  5. To those that dont know, I am a Fire Fighter in Georgia for a county just outside Atlanta. It is unbelievable with how many people have come by already to day and dropped off SO MUCH FOOOOOD!! We are so thankful that people care and think about others in todays society. I cant explain the feeling it gives me/us that people actually take time out of their own day and spend their own hard earned monies and bring by these huge platters of food, cookies, cakes, etc..... Just so amazing! I love this field of work and counldn't / would't want to do anything thing else in the world! To any of those reading this here on this forum have taken the time out of your day to stop off at your local Fire Station... THANK YOU!
  6. To everybody behind the scenes that make this website function, my hats off to y'all! Great p[lace to spend time at, Steve, I appreciate everything you have done for me in the past, you deserve all the good from this site, as you and all others worked very hard to make this audio forum "Different" and more down to earth then every other single audio forum on the interwebs! We have seen many come and go here, but there is always those of us that are here for ya for the long haul. Congrats for this 10 year anniversary!! **EDIT** Oh, also to answer the main question... I *think* i've been here since 2007 era.....
  7. do you have 2 by any chance?
  8. newls1

    (3) Odyssey AGM 31 Series PC2150 Batteries

    please read the rules before you attempt to sell... thanks
  9. moved this topic to the correct section (Was feeling nice)
  10. 980Ti has a 384bit bus, the 980 has a 256...
  11. thanks everyone... Im trying to go to sleep but so anxious for 4am to roll around to head out to work so i can drive her again
  12. thanks, i never thought i'd be so happy from a car purchase, but DAMN I'M SO STOKED. Glad i didnt buy another truck
  13. After having my tahoe for 12 years, i finally got a new car!! SO DAMN HAPPPPPPY. Its a 2012 Nissan 370z with 49k on the odometer. Car is amazing and im in love! 1 owner car, and other then a few scratches, body is pristine. I still have the tahoe and will never get rid of it as its always good to have a 2nd backup car or when the weather is shitty, ill drive the tahoe and leave the 370z in the garage Car is faster then i ever imagined, and the best part is i searched everywhere for a 6 speed manual, and she is a 6 speed manual!!!!