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  1. any condition but must work
  2. i just got this app about a week ago and man this app is very useful, it can slow down any song and lower the pitch or make it higher. instead of downloading a slowed song judt use this app and slow it down wherever you are. I use it to slow my music down to get the low notes
  3. I would trade you but i really want 18's
  4. im still deciding but I really want 18's if I could or matter a fact if somebody have 4 sa 15's ill trade them plus money on my end
  5. wtt my 4 sundown 12's for 2 18's plus money on my end if needed but the subs must be atleast 1,500 wrms+
  6. Ima go with what remt15 said and add 2 more sa 12's i was thinking doing a 4th order but whats the difference between a 6th order and a 4th order? and my electrical consists of a optima yellowtop up front and a xs power d3400 in the back and stock alt for now but going to order a singer 350a alt next week. i would need help on a good box design. as far as my goals, try to hit as close to a 150 as possible but thats if i can right.
  7. alright what will uall suggest i already have 4 sa 12's and a powerbass xa3000d should keep it or add to it? like more power or more subs?
  8. I got about $2000-3500 to spend on the whole system, speakers, wiring, amps, subs etc. I want atleast 4 15's or 18's and atleast 6k in rms i need help figuring out everything i need i really appreciate the help
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