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  1. Flawless build so far Your car inspired a lot of my build in my chevy cruze Next step on my build is an alt and I'm not looking forward to installing it
  2. Two dc level 2 10"s in a Chevy cruze trunk wall on 200 watts for now until my dc audio 1.2 k amp comes In
  3. couple of videos http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t73/kylevh20/?action=view&current=578_2421.mp4 http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t73/kylevh20/?action=view&current=VIDEO0037.mp4 http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t73/kylevh20/?action=view&current=VIDEO0038.mp4
  4. one side before fiber glassing vinyl wrapped instead of paint but looks didnt matter to me
  5. this is my wifes car just something simple for her since i sold my system and truck build is done by jonatan cortes installed by me two dc audio lvl 2 8"s profile 700 watt pos jvc double din dc audio lvl 2 8"s lvl 2 8" on a lvl 5 18" molded the trunk
  6. if i get 6" pipe how long would they have to be for two pipes
  7. i have a 94 explorer with 4-12"s fire up and want to know which is the best way to face the port i heard towards the back but i have been hitting high facing toward the front should i A. face the port up B. face the port to back C. face towards the front i also need help buliding the port size my box is 9.75 cubic ft internal i have a lot of 3" pvc pipe how many ports and how long is what i need to know if anyone could help me that would be great $ DISTURBN' THE PEACE $ C.C.
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