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  1. do the led's go to the music just wondering but looks good so far and i like that big baffle there lol
  2. I like my women like i like my sandwich, go make me one. I like my women like i like my bass, Loud.
  3. They both look stupid imo. just go with regular rims ...
  4. that doesn't even compare at all ... not the same test device.... so that really proves nothing just saying.
  5. Fml i dont freakin want to wait my pop corn is going to have to be a freakin huge bag to last me until then
  6. I believe they are coming out with upgraded versions of the Level 2, 3, 4, and XL. Better cooling. they officialy going to add the neo mag option? or is that going to be separate?
  7. woahhh when did they decide to do this and is there any new products coming out with the new website? Just curious, thanks (:
  8. Rockford T1500 on the Challenge list please? and Power Bass 1500 also?
  9. unless your willing to build a wall or something i wouldn't think about it
  10. dude thumbs up very clean and i like the black and orange vinyl (: it looks like its gonna be a banging buggy
  11. I have a question do i need to double the volume of the tline if i have 2 subs or what do i need to do? is there anything special i need to have done to the design or what?
  12. Dubstep song dont hate this im not saying its good dubstep but it sure has a bass line Here is the song
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