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  1. Also I'm debating whether to carpet it or to use truck bed liner on it.
  2. Just glued my sheets up. I cut the full sheet up into peices. Now I glued up the sheet I cut in half. I will post pictures of the peices later.
  3. Going to get the MDF today, 3 sheets of 1/2 MDF. I plan on taking pictures and making a build log. Bass here i come!
  4. I have something else to add to the Topic, So does it actually help to resin your box? I would like some feedback! Thanks
  5. I went with 42width 18 height, and 24 depth. 6x16 port which comes out to 96 Square inches. I was going to add some bracing... but im afraid its going to mess up all my all of designing which I have gone back repeatedly to redo... and I dont have much more time before I need to start building it.
  6. Hello, I've really been stumped on this for a while now. I have the dimensions of the box I want but I really don't have the time or money to mess this up so I am wondering what should the port area be if I have a box that is 40in width, 18in height, and 24inch in depth with 1 inch mdf? Also when you have a port and need to maintain the port width and if you were to make a right angle and continue how do I figure out the port length? Currently on iPhone will post picture of what I mean later if what I am saying isn't making sense! Any help is appreciated!
  7. 3 at the bottom right with some tweeters on the out side
  8. do the led's go to the music just wondering but looks good so far and i like that big baffle there lol
  9. gonna get a new video... but i screwed up the more powerful amp buy going to turn it down and i had a cup on top of it, and it spilled Gatorade on it.
  10. I like my women like i like my sandwich, go make me one. I like my women like i like my bass, Loud.
  11. They both look stupid imo. just go with regular rims ...
  12. that doesn't even compare at all ... not the same test device.... so that really proves nothing just saying.
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