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  1. Im going to try dvix, ill try those if it doesnt work
  2. I have a video in avi format and i cant play it on my MBP. I get a message saying that Quicktime doesnt recognize it. What do I need in order to watch it? Thanks
  3. Where can I get a DC Audio decal? Nothing huge or anything..but I feel obliged to rep DC- ftw.
  4. Amp has to be well over 2k. I've upgraded my electrical and it drains it faster than any other 2k amp i've had. Videos will have to wait till this weekend or next week when I get my flip HD camera back...unless you want cell phone vids :/
  5. Got it all in yesterday and its pretty loud. Just as loud, or louder than the 2 12s I just had in there. It plays so low without even bottoming out- I played a 15hz tone and it took it with ease..sounds great, no distortion. Pics and vids to come
  6. Just got it painted and I might go back over it tomorrow if I feel like buying more paint. Going to seal up it up a little more inside and the box should be done. May even put it all in if its not raining on me.
  7. Resined the outside of the box to make it water proof. will be using foam to seal the corners in.
  8. Got all the cuts made at home depot and that was a mistake. It did save me lots of time but all the cuts were at least .25'' off, and that REALLY screwed everything up. I had to do lots of sanding to even it all out. Box isn't going to be flush mount, but double baffle...may not look too great. Have the box completely together, just need to make the sub cut-out. Spray painting it a navy blue.
  9. Just got all new equipment - new wiring, amp, woofer, and battery. Build consists of: - '04 Dodge Ram single cab - Mystery amp - Audiopulse Axis 12'' - 50ft. KNU KCA 1/0 - Sprinter 100ah under the hood - 2-2.5 cubes @ 28hz (under construction as of tomorrow) - Second Skin coming soon I'm under strict orders not to post gut pics of the amp, or the logo. Think I'm the only one in the US to have this baby. Rated at 2k Deadened a door and the back wall a month or so ago with this peel and seal stuff. It's working pretty well but I'm going to try some second skin. Got a little head start today and got the batteries and runs hooked up.
  10. May be adding a double baffle later on. There is about a 2'' gap from the top of the box, will expanding foam work for that?
  11. - '05 Avalanche - (2) RD Alpha Max 15s with HW softparts - (1) Audioque 2200d - Box is a blowthough, thorough the midgate. Tuned to 32hz, 45s in corners, and resined. It's being build by a local world record holder box builder - All KNU wiring. 30ft of the new KCA wire. - Sprinter 134ah battery Later on he'll probably get another AQ2200 and strap 'em. Should be loud! Everything is basically in the mail, so more pics as it happens.
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