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  1. I agree with the Devil man. Designing the whole sleeve first will show in the finished product. I personally like doing all the lines first also. Not much else to add. Good luck!
  2. Call Nathan on the phone, tell him "your" goals and he will explain your options to you VERY CLEAR. XS Power has GREAT customer service and can tell you what you need better than anyone else!
  3. I just wanted to give BIG THANKS to Nathan for helping me dicide my battery needs. I called Nathan and told him my car, RMS, and all around goals. He explained ALL my options to me and even gave me price totals for the differant configurations. I am always looking to do everything overboard SO Nathan really helped me not go to far overboard. (just a little ) After hanging up I had a few more questions So I called back and Nathan even told me where to order to get free shipping. SWEET!!! I love talking to real people when I'm spend alot of money and want to get it right the first time. XS Power has AWESOME customer service and I know it never gets old to here it again. SO BIG CHEER AND THANKS AGAIN NATHAN.
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