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  1. SCORE! I just nabbed one from Sonic Electronix for a hell of a deal!!!
  2. Looks like this topic has died out. From what I was aware of the set up and config can be done on a Windows machine. Then you can bluetooth it to an Android or iOS device to stream music with your config done correct. Can any one confirm this. I'm done with my WiFi 8.9" Galaxy Tab install in my 2012 DodgeRAM 1500 and need a good signal processor like this, if what I say will work that is. NEVERMIND: I just called them up and they confirmed this can be done as I mentioned above.
  3. Ok. I should have been more specific, when I wrote "and then some" I meant upgrade in wiring, what I didn't know though is that it has to be a 2nd battery. I have yet to upgrade my truck to big 3 but I don't need it at this point. No issues and plenty of pounding. Thought it could just be an upgraded battery. Cheers fellow car audio enthusiasts!
  4. I was answering his question if AutoZone carries big3 and I said no. what am I missing here, is Big3 not a beefed up alternator and then some?
  5. Not sure if AutoZone has Big3 but Big3=alternator and then some. Good luck, I was looking into same amp to power 2 10" dual 6OHM Audiobahns.
  6. You Lucky bastard! :-) I missed my ticket this year but will be there for sure next year! I hope he's there again! Hey RBIndustries, did you have time to stop by next door at the other "hot" event? My buddy went to CES and also stopped by at the other big event.
  7. Nice work man! Love the ride & switches themselves! The Audio is just a +.
  8. HA! Love the faces they make dude! Like they're getting robbed and lovin it! LOL! You made your nephews nose run! LOL!!! Funny as hell! Good work man!
  9. Hey SMD! Again your sh!t is ill man! I was just wondering if you have any scribble on the work flow of your HU and Touchscreen. I know the logic but I'm just curious how your set up is and whats the best practice. I'm also trying to figure out how you have the iPhone, Touchscreen and HU all sync'd up. What controls what, seems like you have function on all 3 to control iTunes? I'm thinking of also adding a single DIN to the build I'm working on now for control too. (good idea by the way, makes sense!) Flow Charts, I hate them but on some thing like this it would really help clarify. I noticed one of your other sites that bad boy still shows the Avic.
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