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  1. Having my kindness taken advantage of. I don't have a lot and I work hard for my money and I believe in helping others who are having rough times like me. I'd give the shirt off my back for people but apparently that's an open invitation for people to use me. I'd like to say it will never happen again but I'm an idiot and I'm sure it will.
  2. Smelly boots.... Anybody got any recommendations to exorcise the stink demons?
  3. Come to Chicago and hang with me. This will be us, lol Hahahahahaha! that looks about right
  4. I wasted my younger years being a stick in the mud and not knowing how to have fun and now I'm just a boring ass adult that does nothing but work and sit around being miserable
  5. The process of finding an apartment that isn't a piece of shit, that isn't run by a slumlord, and that is actually reasonably priced for what's offered in a location that works.
  6. When women say they like men with tattoos or men in uniform but they leave out the part where you can't be ugly too. Like thanks glad I just wasted a bunch of money on ink and schooling to get a job with a uniform ... Jk I would never do anything for that sole purpose but seriously I can honestly say neither has helped me gain any extra attention from the female population... Even from the ones beaten with the ugly stick. Not even pissed off and I don't even have a point but this is the Internet and I'm posting in anyways because fuck you. Edit: actually I'm mad about being average height because apparently if you ain't at least 6ft you ain't shit these days
  7. Always being the person people come to to help them deal with their shit but when I could use somebody to talk to people could care less
  8. Hang in there you'll be making $15/hr soon and it won't suck that bad. you won't even need a college education anymore.
  9. Fast food workers in New York will be earning $15/hr by 2018 http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/07/23/nyregion/new-york-minimum-wage-fast-food-workers.html?_r=0&referrer= This wage increase is JUST for fast food workers, not minimum wage across the board. How unfair is that bullshit. The squeaky wheel gets the grease I guess...
  10. Ambulance drivers or attendants was a term used back in the start of EMS in the 70s and 80s( or even many years before any formal EMS was a standard across the country) when that's all some people did was strictly just drive and had no medical background. That doesn't exist anymore since both people on the ambulance must go to school and obtain a license to practice emergency medicine and meet minimum continuing education standards. So I short we are either EMTs or Paramedics depending on the level of provider.
  11. Ya people call us ambulance drivers and it's annoying as fuck because you don't call a nurse a doctor helper, or a can a diaper changer, or a fireman a hose jockey I've given up on this lol I mean technically we do drive the ambulance. As long as I know I am doing my best for my patient I don't give a fuck what people call me anymore.
  12. ^^ well that ambulance is really hard to see so I don't blame the guy that hit you lol It seems like people drive more like jack asses around ambulances and emergency vehicles than normal. I can't tell you the amount of times people have cut me off with lights and sirens going because they can't wait the two seconds for us to go by or the people who ride our asses and take advantage of people who yield to us and go by them
  13. its the same way i feel when i go see the doctor and i have to let them know my race.. who the fuck cares what my race is. am i not going to proper care for being hispanic or will get better care if im different? It's actually kind of important because certain races are more susceptible to different diseases and it helps with medical research to determine at risk populations and all sorts of other cool medical stuff that you probably don't care about
  14. Ummm you said the word beef and I'm a serious animal rights activist and vegan so I'm offended... Jk jk lol I want some steak now
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