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  1. Got it sounding right now. Just needed adjusting. Ordered new tweeters from crescendo. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. It's negative goin to amp and positive goin to amp. They workin fine now. Just need to finish adjusting sub amp.
  3. That's koo man I think I got it now.it's sounding better.
  4. I pulled the subs out and double checked. They are wired right. Let draw a pic to show how there are hooked up. they are wire parallel then wired in a series.
  5. Sublevel is all the way up. No bass boost on amp or deck. Source level normal and eq flat. Just double checked subs and they are fine. Checked ohm load and it reads 1.8 to 2.2 ohms on dmm for all 4 hooked up.
  6. Put eq back to flat. Subs are wired correct. Psi helped me out to wire them. They verified it was correct. They asked for my whole setup and said everything I had was more than enough for the subs.
  7. Im meaning that I'm outside where I can adjust them quickly. I can turn down now.
  8. I really wish I had someone close to me that knows how to adjust this for me. No stereo shop here knows proper adjusting. They don't believe in a dd-1. They don't even know what its for.
  9. I have them wired to 2 ohm. The amps are stable at 2 ohm when strapped. That's how I have them wired.
  10. I did...I'm outside doin it now. It don't take that long.
  11. I adjusted and this how I set the eq. Bass boost off and source adjuster normal. Subs are no where near loud. I have the electrical right. I have a mechman 270, 3 xs power d3100 in back and 1 d925 up front. Amps for subs are 2 DC Audio 2.0k. They are strapped at 2 ohms. Subs are PSI PF1 with high performance upgrades. Dual 1 ohm
  12. I'll turn everything down and reset everything. I'll just order new tweeters from crescendo. My subs I just installed a few days ago. Got 4-18's Psi pf1 with high performance upgrades. I'm pushing em with 2 dc audio 2.0k's.
  13. It does have a source level adjustment. I have it turned up all the way. It has a bass boost also and I have that turned up too.
  14. It just doesn't sound right if left flat but I'm far from an expert. I doubt crescendo will replace them. I guess I'll just order new tweeters.
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