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  1. good shit man! im going to make room for subs somewhere so this can make it to slamfest. ill be up there early af on sat. like 8 or 9
  2. So, I havent taken the time to post the build log here yet, but I figured yall would want to see this cool video! Our van has come a long ways. some of you may remember when it had 2 18s. Now its gone through a lot of upgrades and has 8 12 inch DSS ethos in a 6th order bandpass c pillar wall. on 4 crescendo 3500s.
  3. So, I realize its been a long time since I have updated this build log...All old equipment has been ripped out, and our new score is 158.3 with one door open (from the C pillar) Needless to say, the van has come a long way! Anyone want to see a MAJOR update?!?!
  4. Lets just say this build is SO nuts for what it is! It can move MASSIVE amounts of air. the owner is very humble and cool, and so is the builder! this thing will hairtrick better than 99% of other rides I know of lol. its a damn f5 tornado in there
  5. CRAP. Terrible work! Just kidding lol teach me how to weld aluminum! you never cease to amaze man! DB Designs for the win! Im telling you, one of these days Good Vibrations Audio and DB designs needs to collaborate and do a build! It would be SO much fun!
  6. Now, there is a -6db per octave xover in the tweeter. so, just wired up with the mid
  7. Anyone here ever used L-pads for speaker attenuation? My situation is: Rf punch pro 8 (4 ohm) and punch pro tweeter (4 ohm)per channel on amplifier. The problem is that The tweeters are WAY louder than the mids (due to sensitivity) I have 250 rms per channel from the amp @2 ohms. The tweeter is 50 rms and mid is 200 rms. Instead of running a seperate channel on the tweeter, could I just use an L pad to attenuate the tweeter and fine tune it to where it sounds just right? In theory, Could I give 200 rms to the mid and 50 rms to the tweeter with the Lpad?
  8. Im very excited for you and your build man! My brother and I are watching closely at the lipos because he wants to switch over to them in the van! Im hoping everything works out on attempt one with all the equipment. Im sure you dont worry about Mike becuase he is a hell of an installer lol. Have a great day bro! Next time i go to sonus training, Ill swing to chill and some demos for sure!
  9. Wow, Having a sketchup of an sa 12 would be awesome lol!! The port is 6 inch aero 13 inches long giving a tuning of 33hz box is 4.00 cubes net
  10. Plexi gets cut with a jigsaw, table saw, and router.-depending on exactly what Im doing with it. I thought about doing a plexi aero, but It really just wasnt in his budget. The owner of the car is absolutely blown away by it...And so am I lol. It sounds good and looks good. I plan to meter it shortly. Sounds like mid 140s, But you know how the ear o meter works lol.
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