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  1. Hey my SMD brothers! Sorry about the slow site loading but it has been fixed! Recently our website traffic has more than doubled and our old server couldnt handle all the traffic! We upgraded our server and we believe it should be working fine now! Thanks for the head sup ya' all! Feel free to let us know if you experience any other issues.
  2. Alex! Nice talkin to you bro. I got more in stock and ready to exchange for BRAND SPANKING NEW! I cant wait to get the new speakers in your hands! Regards Sam
  3. Tony! I do what I can to help. And by the way you'd be surprised I took out the garbage today myself and vacuumed the floor to clear a nice clean space for a new employee I just hired starting work tomorrow! Maybe I am the janitor!
  4. Dear Tulsajj, This is Sam from Audiosavings. I totally hear ya bro. You shouldn't have to wait on hold for so long just to order something. Im sorry you went through that. To be honest, today our internet went down for like 45 minutes and during that time we could not receive phone calls wither. It is a rare situation and I am sorry that you experienced this. I will be happy to have someone call you back at any given time that you would like if you want to send me a perosnal message or even direct email at [email protected] with your contact and we will get an XS battery shipped out for you SAME DAY with FREE shipping! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to serve you! Sincerely, Sam
  5. Dear Boxman420. My name is Sam and I am the President/CEO of www.audiosavings.com . Id like to thank you very much for your business and being a loyal customer. While I am very happy to hear you have purchased with us multiple times in the past without issues; I am very sorry to hear that there was an issue with this order. Id also like to apologize for any hassle or inconvenience this has caused you. Id like to reassure you that everything we sell is backed with a full warranty. If there are ever any issues with products purchased from us they will be exchanged or repaired. Your situation is no different, we will help you as we do for all of our customers. Additionally I will even send you a prepaid return label to return the product back to us at our expense and if we have more in stock of the same model you can simply send us back the defective part and we will exchange it for you. Please email me directly at [email protected] with your contact info and order # so I can make sure that you get taken care of appropriately! We look forward to helping you and doing more business with you in the future! Sincerely, Sam
  6. Wow! You guys gave me some great info! In summary it seems that all of you love the Complete systems we do. Additionally some of you are into accessories, biggest surprise for me was the interest in alarms, thats a new one for me that Im gonna work on! Mobil Video we did last year for Christmas and it went Very well! Hmm maybe we need to put a top of the line security system with remote start and bypass Module for you all. I got to do another Video Promo! I got to do a big Sub big amp promo! Great info ya all! Any other info or ideas are welcome. Be sure to check this months SOTM as the prize is Awesome!
  7. Hey SMD members. On behalf of Audiosavings Id like to wish each and everyone of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! It is the time of year for reflection and thanks to all those who have been instrumental in making us one of the best places to shop for Audio! Id like to also give a special thanks to Steve Meade and Tony Candela for all their support! My question to you is.. If you could choose any prize for SOTM what would it be? Amps, Subs, Speakers, Mobil Video, DJ Equipment, Big Subs, Small Subs Big amps, many amps etc. We will be sponsoring 4 big SOTM's this coming year and I will take your suggestions into serious consideration! Let me know what ya all think and in the mean time! PUMP THAT BASS!
  8. Hey Steve, Its good to know that BIG BROTHER is checking on us! We are proud of our service and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to serve this great community!
  9. Hey Guys that is a very interesting idea. We appreciate the intelligence. The complete package will be available for sale after the SOTM has been awarded to the winner. The price of the package will not be determined until after the SOTM. If anyone is interested in getting this complete package or most of this package then please contact us. For all of those unfamiliar with MB Quart , it is TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY and is in the same league as the specialist Car Audio companies. We are always interested to hear more ideas from ya all
  10. Yes the only difference between those 2 are the color. The wire is identical. Its top of the line 100% oxygen FREE copper.
  11. By the way its Free Shipping too. No Minimum order. Keep in mind many of these are great for gifts or for pimping your friends ride!
  12. Cyber Monday specials! Thats right $1.95 for Tweeters FREE shipping, $9.95 for speakers and many other deals!
  13. I currently have 4 of them in stock if you still need them. I can ship ASAP!
  14. Please let us know what item you are inquiring about so we can do our best for you
  15. Both of the Monster cable wires you asked about are excelletn quality. The silver 0 gauge is basically equivalent to a top of the line 0 gaug e100% copper wire. The black one is better than a top of the line wire. It has "Magnetic Flex Tube technology (Only from monster) " Which is a certain magnetic tube inside the wire that allows greater current transfer than a standard 0 gauge. It is a patented technology only available from Monster cable and no other brand has it. It also has special winding configuration whicg maximzes current transfer and helps reduce unwanted noises. Yes if you want 50 feet then it is $72.95 x 2 which equals $145.90 I can have a 50 foot strand done for you and we can send a paypal invoice or you may purchase with a credit card by phone. Please let us know!
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