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  1. that was a pretty good show... sucks we have no good footage of it... I could barely walk, wasn't studying no camera tho... lol! Were you still there when Iraggi got beat by the car??? Man, what a poor choice of songs! LMAO! (And he tried to blame it on me and tell me I told him to play that song!) When I clearly told him not to! If he keeps competing like that, factory stereos are gonna walk all over his 18 12's in the doors lol! I personally think he did that on purpose.... sandbagging....
  2. Wish you would of let me know when you were pulling in, I would of loved to film that bitch saggin n draggin as you pull in! LOL!
  3. Berger... I love you and all mang... but next time you roll up into my hood with a Prius (filled with 12 18's not playing I might add) we are gonna tar and feather ya! And when the hell are you gonna get Tripp's ride done??? Dam! Bad enough I gotta pick on Trippi for rebuilding 2,531 times...
  4. 16 HDC4 18's on 16 AQ3500's, 8 Iraggi 320 Alternators running at 18v, 32 18volt batteries, biggest possible, 8 Oxygen Audio Audio 2500's for mids and highs, 32 HDC2.5 8's (mid bass), 8 Sound Qubed 6.5 Components, 8 Oxygen 3" Super Tweets & a partridge in a pear tree...
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  6. Well, I with the same power handling, I would prefer the double cone area... More cone area and motor strength...
  7. OP, that welding cable you chose does not look that flexible... Plus it does not look like the amperage rating is that good.... the stuff I used in Yu-Kong is here and you can tie it in knots... https://weldingsuppl...OR:terms::PA#A2
  8. Welding wire will carry a lot of current because the strands are more dense... a 20 ft run of the 0 gauge cable i use is rated to carry about 400-450 amps... the 2/0 gauge will carry 600-650 amps... ** NOTE TO ALL THE HATERS THAT GO AROUND BITCHING THAT I GIVE BAD ADVICE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I DO ** I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO SAY THAT THIS IS BULLSHIT, THAT WELDING CABLE CANNOT CARRY THAT MUCH CURRENT, WELL BELOW IS THE RATINGS FOR THE CABLE I USE @50 FEET, 20 FEET WOULD BE DRASTICALLY MORE, SO ENJOY AND CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CABLE I USE....
  9. gravity That and the time space continuem... They are columns because that is the foundation, the strongest part of the bridge... pretty much I am dead wrong... don't care... keep doing it how you do it... when you want to stop breaking glass, let me know... this is the main reason I stopped getting on SMD... too much bullshit... Everyone have a nice life... I can't mix subs, they will be distorted, out of phase and wont go low, they wont flex the shit out of a vehicle... I cannot get loud with small ports, I don't know shit about breaking glass... I have seen so many people ask for legitimate help here and the usual group of trolls will drop all kinds of fucking bullshit insulting that person and laughing at them making them feel like shit for wanting to learn about car audio... If you take offense to this post, it is people like you that fuck up this site and make people not want to come here. Can someone see a window break and be happy about it or ask how to set their gains properly with out douchbags that have nothing better to do (and are probably butt fucking naked with their mothers soiled panties on their head) than drop hate on these people?? Loudnlow, you had a window implode on you because of something the stereo caused and are excited for that, I cannot take that away from you and would not want to take that experience away from you, in fact I am very happy that I got to share in that experience with you! The rest of you that want to take this moment away from him because it was not something you were involved with and you cannot fathom a stereo with mixed subs and small ports could do it, go fuck yourself and rot in hell... TechForce out....
  10. Yes, but usually when they cannot put standard columns underneath them every so many feet... how come the bottom main supports are columns??? The strongest bridge will use vertical columns... It takes a lot more horizontal bracing....
  11. it is an optical illusion because only the front center of the roof and WS is flexing fully, we thought that at first and had to study that for a while....
  12. Experience > Theory. I stand corrected. I guess there is no wrong way to mount a pole, don't get me wrong, the horizontal mount is still very effective. I just am pretty sure that if you have a horizontal pole and are still breaking glass that a vertical pole would more than likely be more effective.
  13. I thought they said nothing in the door was broke? O_o My bad lol. Everyone has said it had something to do with something coming lose. So people were even good enough to guess that it had to do with the window track. I agree, it is just one of those things that is hard to explain and technically it did not break the track, it just came loose and snapped back in place... No matter how it happened, it still made me happy! LOL! (I know that sounds wrong since it is not my truck! LOL!)
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