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  1. B.O.A.T. = Bust Out Another Thousand...That's what they say. But it will cost you a lot less than that to replace that old deteriorated insulation in your boats engine bay...check out the newest chapter of the Owner's Manual: Boat Engine Compartment Insulation And check out the newest Boat Kits from Second Skin!!!
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  3. You work hard all year long. So let's celebrate this Labor Day with an A+ extravaganza on Second Skin materials. Use LABOR20 to get 20% off your order this weekend only! And as always, we’ll cover the shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Step 1: Snag some Second Skin sound deadening. Step 2: Smile Step 3: Get back to enjoying BBQ and good times with friends and family!! WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
  4. Congrats to @Sterling Frost and @tdsa23 on winning some American made Second Skin products!!! #SMDFTW 

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  5. Congratulations to our Spectrum/Firewall Giveaway winners. Thank you all for participating, we greatly appreciate the entries. Make sure to keep your eyes on our pages or sign up on our email list to be part of all of the giveaways, promotions, and new product announcements from Second Skin. Have a great weekend!!! #TeamSecondSkin #SoundDeadening #ThermalInsulation #Spectrum #Firewall Facebook: • Justin Ellis – Spectrum • John Giulian – Firewall Instagram: • brad_331_callahan – Spectrum • installsbypat– Firewall SMD Forum: • @Sterling Frost -- Spectrum • @tdsa23– Firewall (Won by default, the only person to choose Firewall) Winners, message us your full name, shipping address, and telephone number so we can send out your prizes!!! #SecondSkinForTheWin
  6. Only 12 More Hours To Enter The Spectrum vs Firewall Giveaway...Winners will be announced tomorrow. Make sure you completed all the steps (follow us, tag a friend, choose Spectrum/Firewall). The odds are great of winning in here.
  7. Two More Days to Enter....make sure to tag an SMD forum member and choose Spectrum or Firewall in the comment section please. Only entries that Follow our SMD page, tag a friend, and choose a product are eligible to win.
  8. Make sure you guys all use the (@) symbol and tag someone else from the SMD forum to be fully entered. Also, we are giving away a set of these on each platform Facebook, Instagram, and SMD Forum so make sure to enter all 3 places. GOOD LUCK
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