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  1. This week from the Owner's Manual: The Good and the Bad of an STC Rating
  2. After stopping by the West Coast Customs shop on Friday the 13th we got to see this Bel Air Gasser up close and personal...them back tires are wide at 15x15 to handle that 1,000 HP engine!!! Check out the sneak peek video of the 1955 Bel Air Gasser from West Coast Customs featuring Second Skin Damplifier Pro
  3. Another chapter from the Owner's Manual, this week we present Car Sound Proofing
  4. After 20 years of industry leading quality and customer service we've re-branded our logo, Dealer Programs, Rewards Program, and Team Second Skin affiliation. Check out our new videos on YouTube, give us a like, share, and subscribe. For all of you SMD forum members who have been insisting on Second Skin for your builds over the past 2 decades we've got goodies for you. Reach out to Eric via email ([email protected]), on the forum, or via our social media pages and let him know you are interested in the affiliate program where we give you a personal affiliate code/link to share at shows/events/websites and you can score some great affiliate cash and store credit. We've also started doing customer build features in our long standing Customer Garage section. If you've got a sweet ride full of Second Skin and have before, during, and after pictures along with some sqft data we would love to get your build showcased. We offer website or social media page link backs for our featured builds also. Check out one of Steve's featured builds @meade916 on our website, right next to the West Coast Customs feature. Thank you all for the past 20 years of supporting American made sound and heat insulation...lets make the next 20 years even better!!! #SecondSkinForTheWin
  5. Improve the sound quality inside the door why you are in there upgrading, throw in some Speaker Tweakers and sound deadening. Here is a snippet of the Steve doing a simple door upgrade with Second Skin accessories.
  6. This week a page from The Owner's Manual we take a look at Boat Engine Compartment Insulation
  7. No idea but it sounds amazing!!! Love hearing that almost vault like silence when he shuts those doors and trunk!!! #SecondSkinForTheWin #TeamSecondSkin
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