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  1. Shots of the build from the exterior, before paint and body upgrades with a guest appearance by Mac's trusty sidekick...
  2. After the cab was washed with denatured alcohol and stripped of the "other stuff"...next comes the American made butyl Damplifier Pro to the rescue!!! Looking good... Very nice coverage... Finished with the Damplifier Pro...Great looking work MAC!!!
  3. Where it all started... Removal with a heat gun turned into gooey madness for the shop... We saw his post on Instagram and suggested he use dry ice and alcohol instead of the heat... He tried it without the bag first, worked ok... But drop the dry ice and alcohol into a bag and KABOOM.. Finally, off with the stinky stuff after many man hours of labor. Looking so fresh and clean...
  4. Sometimes people go the cheap route and pay the price in hard labor and wasted money!!! Here is a little story straight from the mouth of one of our newest and soon to be life long customers!!! "I present you a bouquet of bulls**t sound deadener. It smells like someone is getting a new roof inside this cab haha. Now to get the sticky gooey s**t off too. Funn fun fun" #macsgarage559 It is horrible to see people having to scrape, freeze, and torch a big mistake out of their build. Ask around, do some research and choose a product that is going to work the correct way and perform the job it is engineered to do...demand a high-quality American made butyl product for all of your sound deadening projects!!!
  5. A very nice ass shot of the newest Saleen S7 built with Second Skin Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro inside. #TeamSecondSkin#SecondSkinForTheWin
  6. She's alive and breathing fire...ready for the tracks!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxe82tkgthf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Kenny and the crew from West Coast Customs did their part to make this bad boy full of muscle...now it is up to the driver to perform well on the track and set the record!!!! Good Luck Guys
  8. Assembled back together after hitting the 1,300 HP goal on the DYNO
  9. Good eye, thanks for guessing.....it is one of 3 brand new Saleen S7's that were built for Steve Saleen's 70th birthday, all 3 full of Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro. The Saleen S7 in this thread is going for a speed record and will be featured on Bravo channel for this attempted record. They actually hit their goal of 1,300 HP on the DYNO this weekend!!! #SecondSkinForTheWin #AmericanMade
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