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  1. This log is mainly for other jeep owners, since i cant find anything anywere about this car/year, ill start hopfully this week once my stuff gets here, its coming UPS ground and from cali to jersey so HOPFULLY this week, ill be installing.... 1) Hifonics 6409 TXi http://onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_18807_Hifonics_Txi_6408.aspx -4 ch -680watts peak -340watts RMS -ill be running it at 4 ohms so, 85Watts RMS x 4-ch @ 4-Ohm 2) (2x)Hifonics ZXi 63 http://onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_16377_Hifonics_ZXi_63.aspx -6.5" -3 way -4 Ohm -375watts Peak -75watts RMS( thell be getting a bit more then that ) -Low Profile frames ! 3) (2x)Hifonics ZXi 693 http://onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_16379_Hifonics_ZXi_693.aspx -6x9" -3 way -4 Ohm -550watts peak -110 RMS -also low profile frames!, i might have to add spacers to get the 1/2" i need to clear my window when its down :/ well ill be updating pics prob tom. with the car and where everythings gunna go, thenll come the unboxing pics , but at the latest im hoping saterday everything will be here!
  2. if you were to grab another amp, the irragi alt should be fine aswell as the second battery, not exactly sure how youd go about doing to amps 1 knob, i know for a fact it could happen due to steves hoe, he has multipul amps on one knob, just scroll around and pretty sure youll find it, and wuts the specs on that kicker you got, in my head im thinking the one 3000watts would be enough then again i could be wrong so.... free bump Edit: if you still looking for wiring check around the for sale section, shit tons of 0g floating around for dirt cheap
  3. lmao, before you left you shoulda been like dude, funky pups go GREAT with lanzar amps dude you GOTTA try it
  4. lmao did you tell him your other car is loaded with funky pups and a flux capacitor?
  5. first thing i did was crank up my stereo, drove around for about an hour before i went home >.>
  6. lol theres your problem, walmart wireing, im running tsunami in my jeep shits golden , but i also have my amp mounted on the back seat, havent had anyproblems waht so ever, just re check your wiring and reset your gains with a meter( idr what its called, im half asleep, DMM i think correct me if im wrong) Edit: a second battery aswell as a H/O alt should help and/or correct the problem, running 3k on a stock alt is iffy
  7. wtf is the driving age where your at? lol but since being 16 and jobless, and being 16 is a bitch to get a job, so honda, wall it out like steves civic
  8. so heres my story.... So yesterday, my girlfriend of over a year and a half broke up with me (long story), then i get to school and see my tires flat, alright w.e ill just change it afterschool fine and dandy, i get called down to my assistant pricipals office, 2 cops standing there, mind you ima junior and you need to be a senior inorder to have a parking pass to park on school grounds( i bought mine off a senior) and the cops said "well lets go out to your car" in my head i was like son of a biishhhhh, so we go out i hand him my parking pass, and they threaten to arrest me(im 18) for possesion of stolen property, this went on for about 10 minites, i get handed a 50$ ticket and i have no parking pass, they found out cuz they ran the parking pass and it showed up as stolen, all thanks to a fucking janitor who offered to change the tire for me if i was a girl, so im stuck with a flat tire 50$ ticket and no parking pass. and on top of this i havent eaten all day, i have a huge headache, and attempted to change the tire, of corse Jeep has to make the most retarted jack( its a "piston jack") i get the car up and the tire wont come off, so i kick it, the jack falls over, forcing me to call pepboys to get my fucking tire changed costing me 50$ since noone else let me use there jack, what a day -.-
  9. i personaly like my 12's but once i get cash rolling in, ima make a fiberglass ported box for 1 or 2 15's
  10. welcome back!,like the guy 2 posts above me said, wire them together, i gotta give you credit too, thats a cheap ass build but not to bad stuff!, pics pics and mmoar pics?
  11. thats my head unit , i love it, the box still likes a little shakey but much better
  12. if you do end up going with the actual business part, after i go to school and get certified and all that good stuff id be more then happy to work for you
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