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  1. I ned a price on level 3 subs 10 inch dual 2 ohm My zip is 71055
  2. I have a pair of Anarchy 6.5s in my truck that go real low. I have them high passed at 45 hz. Damn good mid bass drivers for $85 each.
  3. Thanks for the info. I had a F150 alt found cheap.
  4. What do you offer in a 150 to 200 amp alt to fit my 2003 Ranger 3.0 motor? My truck has the 60 amp alt. I wonder if a 140 amp model off a F150 will fit. I can get one of those cheap.
  5. I'm almost finished with my ranger build. Its not a big system but it suits me. I still have to do the big 3 & my sub isn't here yet. Come on UPS man. I built this system with old gear I've had for 10 yrs. The Boston set was factory rebuilt & its like new. The amp was just refurbished by Phoenix Gold so its like new.I have 2 of these amps. Not a lot of power but they are real clean & have great crossovers in them. I can run my whole system with one. 250 watts at 4 ohms to my sub & 75 watts 4 ohm to my fronts.I may add a Pg 215IX crossover EQ to the Ranger. I have it so why not use it. It will give my amp 8 volts at the RCAs. 2003 Ranger Edge Kenwood CMP 238 HU Phoenix Gold TI 475 amp Boston Pro 5&1/4components front stage Rear fill none Sub PPI PCX 102 when it gets here 4 gauge power cables 12 gauge speaker wires 10 gauge sub wire Phoenix Gold RCA cables 3 rolls of Dynamat in both doors
  6. I need about 2 gallons of Spectrum to finish my truck. I like the spray best.I put 3 rolls of Dynamat in each door. I had 6 rolls left from a previous install so why not.I undercoated the floorboard with Spectrum. SS products beats Dynamat hands down. Half the product does a better job.My Ranger sounds much better now.
  7. The tires look great. i wish my Ranger was a 4x4. It looks like one with the Edge factory lift.
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