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  1. Do you still have a Kicker WXRC? Please let me know

  2. Now that we have everything out of the back, I do not have a pic of the D1400 rack removed, we will start the process of putting it all back together. First up we have a pallet of XS Power Batteries arrive. We will be using 21 D1600(16v) for the bass amps, and 8 D3400(12v) for the mids/highs. Time to build a proper steel battery rack.
  3. Tear down of the back end. There was alot of fun hidden behind those trim panels.
  4. Whats up SMD, been awhile! I wanted to take a bit and share a new project that I have in my shop right now. Most of you are probably familiar with the Mechman Hearse, I mean it is pretty hard to miss! The hearse was dropped off to me a couple weeks back to get a refresh and partial rebuild. My focus will be mainly in the back with the batteries and amps. Maybe a few new touches to the box but the 12 DC Audio Level 5 15s and the 4th order will be staying. So that is enough talking, on with the pics! Let me know what you think as we go!!!
  5. Crescendo BC3500 on our Amp Dyno

  6. Part number to keep it from being too confusing in the system.
  7. Steve, Could you make them any thicker? The side wall of my wall is 1.5" thick and this would be an awesome way to clean up some wiring.
  8. YEAR END INVENTORY BLOWOUT!!!! We have a very limited quantity of DC Audio 3.5k, 5.0k, and 7.5k amplifiers left in stock that we need to move before the end of the year! Prices so LOW we cannot advertise them! Add to your cart to get the best deal of the year!!!! http://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/santa-savings/

    1. Gunnem


      prob used amps that will be sold as new

  9. All DC Audio Subwoofers 15% OFF. Promo Code WOOFER15 http://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/dc-audio/

  10. Crescendo Audio Amps and Speakers 15% OFF. Promo Code NENDO15 http://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/crescendo-audio/

  11. More than that. If you can fit a 15" woofer, building it out that way would be to your advantage.
  12. Good luck getting enough spider to allow any excursion. I know you look to have changed your mind a bit which is a good thing.Just a quick FYI, the Level 6 coil is 3.5" in diameter. It doesn't leave you with much meat on a typical 9.25" spider. The new 6 spoke basket that Fi/Crossfire came out with will accommodate a 10" spider. Look for the Crossfire XSv2 12" in a blowthrough in the near future. Incorrect. The Level 6 uses a 4" coil. To be built it would use a TC frame and 10" spider. Same spiders that are used on the 15" and 18" versions.
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