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  1. i have a 2008 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7L currently im running 2000watts in it and the stock alternators not generating enough power for me to use my system at full volume at night cause, the headlights dim to the point there almost off, lol. i need a more powerful alternator and was hoping u could help causeim redoin the system, and i want to fix this problem. (will post build when finished) thanks
  2. alright, thanks everyone for the advice, i guess ill have to go out and rent something, ill post a pic tomorrow of what it looks like after i sanded it. to dark here now. as for holes there is a small on under the back drives side window, but its pretty small, but that will need to be fixed to. everywhere else seems to be surface, kinda
  3. hi, i got a 79 cutlass ive been working on, it was in an accident then sat for 10 years and got extremly rusty. i fix the front of the car that was in the accident, but the back half of the car is rusty. the surface rust came off good from just sanding it to bare metal. theres a lot of rust that i cant seem to get up though. i started on on the trunk, all the surface rust came up, but in some parts the metal is black(idk what thats called), and i cant sand that off. I was using 150 but it wasnt doing much of anything so then i started using 100 and it did seem to help get it off much, any ideas? heres some pic so u can get a better idea of what im working with: car sat like this for 10 years in the sun: After I fixed the front a month ago mysef (ready to get a real paint job, thats just my prime spray paint job temporarily, lol) All the rust im trying to remove (other side of car still looks good with no rust for some reason, idk) any ideas on how to get this off easier would be nice, kinda sick of sanding for hours with not much of results
  4. ya thats true, i just saw the smoked lights that blend with the car nice then the red brake light, lol u know what ur doin tho cause from what i've seen you do to the tahoe i can tell you got good taste in cars, everyones just quick to input on everything on here, lol cant wait to see this finished
  5. it doesn't really need to be removed, even though there kinda pointless, but it should be smoked at lease to match the lights because it kinda stands out from looking at the pictures, everything else blends nice. looks sick
  6. what box is that and what size subs r in it? i got a box with 10's but i really want to get 12's
  7. sounds good, what year is the truck? i did my system myself in my 08 quad cab, i got a 2 10 box with 1500 watts on it from probox which is good, hits hard. for 06-up rams u need to get a PAC C2R-CHY4 or else the cars computer trips out cause of the stupid data-bus system dodge uses or at least the cars with the stock nav system trips without this. i was getting airbag light errors, service engine and other stuff til i added this.
  8. im down to help build whatever you need, as long as i can get a demo, i live an hour or 2 away, but it would be worth it
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