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  1. so we did a gift exchange at work to day and this is what I got from one of the guys that work for me...LOL LOL
  2. been using FB for password for so long I dont remember what it is and Im afraid to do a clean sweep of computer till I can remember...LOL

    1. n8ball2013


      you should be able to change it under your profile.

    2. JeremyN


      thats the thing I cant remember the original password to change to a new one. ( BTW looking for password for here not Facebook)

  3. oddly we have an Underground Car Audio shop in Yuba City and I see the stickers all the time
  4. I LIKE # 5 clean and kind of old school feel to it
  5. what happened to the days of underrating amps or doing real ratings at 12.5 volts like in the old days....
  6. Im in this video .. LOL .. fat guy in front of the wind shield.. crazzy violent this a vid I took right before Steves vid
  7. yea I know I forgot to check yesterday .... LOL I " guessed " befor reading the rest of thread or watching the vid...I guess not to close ...LOL
  8. Well Shit ............... I f these are out by tax time I guess Im not buying a rifle after all
  9. pass out with computer on a porn site , naked and she has friends with her
  10. That setup combined with a bigger fuse I bet you could drop it to .25 it already has a 30 amp and a 20 amp fuse in it
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