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  1. put me in this please nope never mind I did not read all the rules first total noob mistake lol
  2. the spot on the amp that says full/HP/LP is the preamp output section for connecting additional amps to it as set the preamp out put to HP and set the cross over in that section to about 100 HZ and you use that as a cross over for the mids/hi amp
  3. struck a deal with MR.VUE and moved from the 200 oz Ultra to the JVF 3.1 12s Ultra 200 oz on the left JVF 3.1 on the right
  4. once I had the inside done I put the back of the box on and glassed inside . So the entire inside is fiberglass cloth and resin. Then I got me a Bad ass Terminal from the Big Boss Man and put a few stickers on it outside before I resin coated the outside.
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