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  1. I never seen the lobby. It looks great. The less locals have to spend on shipping means they can spend more on your products.
  2. Bola does post some dumb shit on the regular basis but if you have ever met him in real life at shows . He is just a guy trying to learn and is interested in the hobby. A lot of keyboard commandos trying to fit in by bashing a person they have and never will meet . Does he fuck up ? Yes Does he post real dumb shit? Sometimes
  3. How much of those system was bought on EBT? In your eagerness to bash Bola you fail to realize that he is taking pictures of some of the top dogs of the Sacramento area
  4. you still have room for 33,500 lbs on the drive and at least 33,900 in the back ...lol
  5. Gates is about to ask Jobs ..." where on the doll did he touch you "
  6. so many idiots on facebook sharing this and are getting mad when I ask them why. LOL
  7. I have a patent on this. You'll be hearing from my lawyers GET YOUR SHITOUT OF THE n8ball2013 BUILD LOG V2
  8. Rusty is a Great guy . I have ran into him and Talked to him on a few occasions Cool Kat
  9. Buy the one beast 15 .... .the most beast 15 you can get and get after it
  10. i'd still tear that up I couldn't I won't want to help her back into the chair so she could make me a Sammich
  11. isn't that spending $8 in gas to save $8 bucks though? You can absolutely come by. I am just busy and don't have a lot of time to bullshit that's all. Just asking if that is an option if I happen to be in the area anyway. ? For the record it would be a huge savings over the FedEx rate for 1 hour shipping lol
  12. is a order option available for people that are 30 miles away to save shipping like " pick up only by appointment "
  13. I'm the only grandson. It's in the will. Lol. Pops already said he's going to be buried in the El Camino. LOL You in my neck of the woods today?
  14. THIS IS BULL SHIT .... THIS IS THE SECOND RAGEQUIT I MISSED ... i need to spend less time on Fakebook and more time here.
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