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  1. Thats all the details I have. Sorry. And thank you
  2. http://www.gofundme.com/95p9lc Recently Travis was diagnosed with stage 4 genetic kidney cancer, He was being seen at scott white receiving IV chemo only to be told that it has now spread to parts of his liver and both kidneys, He was told they would no longer be doing surgery and removing him off IV chemo that it's now incurable....Devastated his wife Tiffany decided to research for a second opinion....They've been accepted to one of the best Cancer hospital's in the US Md Anderson in houston. Travis is currently living in alot of pain so he had to take a leave from work as some of you might know he's the soul provider for his family, This account has been set up to accept donations for the costs of gas and hotel stays as they will be traveling back and forth to Houston quite a bit. It took alot for Travis to agree to let someone do this because he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him! We also know that God is on our side and he can still come out of this on the better end and live to tell a wonderful testimony! MD anderson offers a gene therapy for cancer patients with genetic cancer but it hasn't been said yet that insurance covers it! Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated, If you don't donate we ask that you please join us in prayer for this 29 year old Father, Husband, Brother, Son & Friend! All proceeds go directly to Travis Paypal account or I can give you the paypal email to pay him directly!! We Thank you so very much & hope you will join us in fighting for a cure and an end to this battle! God Bless
  3. "Box design help"

    Looks good! Thanks!
  4. "Box design help"

    $100 budget. Ok so that sub. Now I still need a dox design and my skill set? Gotta learn somewhere aha. This will be my first box. Just would like some schematics and sq route would be fine. Thanks.
  5. "Box design help"

    I have the materials already sheets of plywood in my attic. Only need box schematics or ideas. One 12" sounds like a good idea, for that price sounds good also, is it 2ohm? I have a 600x5 Rockford fosgate amp, [email protected] and [email protected] for the subwoofer. IF possible with the dimensions I gave in my first post, I'm trying to go for spl. Basically sum it all up, need a nice box for the specs I gave and am open to ideas that sub and a nice box design sounds good to me. :audiosavings Rockford fosgate P2D2-12 $88 Cutout Diameter: 11.22 in / (285 mm) Mounting Depth: 6.40 inches / (162.6 mm) Woofer Displacement: 0.170 cu.ft / (4.8 Liters) Shipping Weight: 15.6 Lbs / (7.07 kg) Fs (Hz): 26 Re (Ohms): 3.30 Le (mH): 3.7 Qms: 6.50 Qes: 0.56 Qts: 0.52 Vas (Liters): 81.5 Sd (cm2): 570 SPL (dB @ 1w/1m): 86 Xmax (mm): 13.3
  6. Use the mini h1 projectors, the part that goes where your stock bulb would go is smaller so you wont have to cut as much or at all. But like bluethunder said, pull headlights apart put projectors and shroud in with supplied hardware, plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to do so. Best of luck.
  7. "Box design help"

    How about a box design for one 10" that I'm currently using? Pioneer 10" from Walmart.
  8. "Box design help"

    Do I need the same? If so I could try to, if not then what?
  9. "Box design help"

    {pioneer ts-w34c 12" (1.5cft enclosure needed)} And about 5".
  10. "Box design help"

    2001 oldsmobile intrigue. The width and height is max, but yes the depth can go a little more. Also, subs and port forward, it'll be sealed off from the trunk. I only have one sub right now, got it at a garage sale with a bandpass box that was trashed. That box fit perfect, had another sub but it was blown. Open to suggestions. Possible for one 15"? Similar dimensions.
  11. "Box design help"

    One 12" subwoofer Max dimensions 16H 37W 10D Spl is the main goal.
  12. DELETE

  13. Teaser picture for now. 600Watt amp, putting out 735! Thank you RockFord fosgate!