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  1. I never thought about that. I was reading on the two and I didn't know which one to choose. I hate when I play some songs and in certain spots I can hear a gap where the middle is barely audible. I changed the front 6.5s with some Kenwood KFC-1652S since the stock ones cut at random times and I could already tell the gap got smaller but it stills bugs me that it isn't the full sound I'm looking for.
  2. So, I'm finally able to build a system since I finally got a vehicle! It's a 2002 Chevy Tahoe LT that we had for a few years but since my dad got stationed to Japan, he just gave it to me. How lucky am I? But I've run into a problem. I wanted to upgrade all the speakers. I wanted to do components up front and just 6.5s in the rear for now. I already put some subwoofers in myself for the low bass(just two 12 Cvx's that we had). So my problem is what should I put in the rear doors? Mid-range speakers or mid-bass? I want a full sound in the Hoe. Not just bass. So I was thinking mid-bass to fill in between the components and subs? I've been interested in car audio for years now so I wanted to do it right the first time. I didn't want to be another high-schooler who put subs in his car but didn't think about upgrading power or the other speakers. I'm also doing everything myself so I can learn (I will probably get help putting in a new alternator and stuff like that). I will post pictures later on. Any help is welcome! Question: Mid-range or mid-bass speakers and why?
  3. This just hit me.... The Fugees Ready or not. Do something that I could demo with. Thanks a lot. Oh and love stoned was sick man!
  4. Would be awesome if you did these for me! I don't know if these hz would work with these songs though but oh well Loved Stoned-Kid Cudi 40-30 that follows the melody. Everything Went Numb- Streetlight Manifesto 50-40 So Appalled- Kanye West Constant notes between 40-30 Rain Man-Eminem Surprise me!
  5. Bull is a year or two old. Coco is 7years old Love these two like family
  6. Hey, can you hook me up with a Sig with my username and the pics below with a black and red theme? Thanks alot