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  1. I had bi lateral hernia surgery in april of 2016 and the bill was 25,000. I had insurance and ended up paying abou 4500 out of pocket. The recovery was shitty though because you cant lift much for about a month and a half.
  2. More gun control and a 54 billion dollar transportation levy in Washington.... At least Trump won.

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    2. Miguels


      taxing us to build it. then charge us to use it.. watch them raise tax on tags just so we pay for transportation

    3. Bocaj


      They are actually. $80 more on my car tabs and our sales tax is going to be over 10 percent now.

    4. REVOofRustler


      Don't forget that it's not going to be done until it's already outdated.

  3. Well we had a good run. I gotta give it to Carolina. They are playing like a championship team.

    1. mcfalcon


      Yeah you are right. I for sure didn't expect this.

  4. The stupidity of the mechanic at les schwab who tried to take our forklift wheel apart without letting the air out of the inner tube first. The inner tube exploded and broke the guys nose.
  5. Pretty sure I saw e40 at world series. He's in a black jacket behind home plate.

    1. OrionStang


      Pretty sure you did, too. Welcome to the party.

    2. tdsa23
    3. meade916


      i kept seeing the Strange Music shirts. Was Tech there too? (i know he was there a few days ago)

  6. All 4 of my wisdom teeth came in straight and I had them all pulled at once. I didn't even need any pain medication after. I guess I got lucky.
  7. Got my Mechman Alt today!!!!!!

  8. Have you checked your wiring on the head unit. Maybe your ground is coming loose.
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