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  1. Ok so what about upfire the sub n port n this is going in a truck
  2. Yes n is double baffle for that big of a box n how much room should I have form floor to box for downfire?
  3. yes that is the internal volume of the box
  4. thank u guys so much i dont feel dumb for asking and now i can start building my box i hope it sounds good i will probably do a build log oh and the box is for 1 10 l5 kicker actually i am making 2 boxes its going to be a long console in my silverado cutting up the back seat to make room for it
  5. kicker says u need 2.25 for a enclosure + adding the port volume but i have come up with 2.255 is that bad or is that fine i was told ported enclosures have to exact on to sound right and is so how and i shave the 2.255 to 2.25 if this is a dumb question i am sorry but i really want to get this box right any help would be greatful
  6. just drink lots of water to help u flush it out n cranberry juice it helps clean the kidneys i have 3 of these things and they can really hurt good luck.
  7. that's awesome i made a sealed box with a glassed bottom for 2 p3 10s but they where point up it was ok.but i want it like the way urs a facing but i am trying for spl which kicker recemends 2.25 of air space for each chamber in ported
  8. i think i am going to try that but make it ported and make a fiberglass bottom
  9. how much airspace is in that box and are all4 sharing the space or 2 sharing the space?
  10. i need help with ideas on a ported box under the seat of a extended cab silverado 03 for 2 10" L5 kickers
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