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  1. I'm looking for, 4 AQ-ST1 or similar, shipped to Canada.
  2. I want to redo my big 3 with OFC wire. Nee roughly 10'. Would need to be shipped to Canada.
  3. In the proses of changing the seats in my '94 Mazda B3000, I broke three bolts (The head sheared off). How do I remove them?
  4. Thanks guys, I know have more work to do while the fiberglass dries on my new dash. Where about would I buy the aircraft stripper? As for the rust, just scrap and sand?
  5. It's already off. I was hoping to do the work my self. No $$$ for any one else to do it.
  6. I have the front off my truck and want to fix it up. What would I use to strip the paint and rust off?
  7. Because it never crossed my mind... :/ I guess I'll be calling them monday.
  8. I have a 1994 Mazda B3000 and need to know if this kit (DJM Suspension KS3001-3-4), will fit?
  9. There are plenty of options, I know for my self I would by a not so popular vehicle and do a swap. For example, buy a cheap vehicle and swap out the engine for a more popular vehicle one. That way you can easily find parts and be unique. Just my 2 cents...
  10. Ok, I really need to upgrade my electrical system and I need a few things. - Positive battery terminal with two 1/0, 8 and 4 gauge inputs (the Rockford Fosgate RFDB1 is what I am looking for) - Negative battery terminal with two 1/0 inputs - Fused distribution block with one 1/0 in, two 8 gauge out - 2 1/0 fuse holders - 1/0 cable (NO CCA) - 12 or 14 Gauge speaker wire I will add more as I find I need it Note: Needs to be shipped to Canada
  11. Can anyone make me a new YouTube background? I need one that works with the new layout. I would like it to be kinda smoky, with my 8-X logo and user name "what.really". I will post pictures of what I kind want in it, in a few minutes.
  12. The thing is choir is higher pitch then subs. The stock mic pics up the highs nicly, I need somthing for the lows.
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